Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Almost time

It is that time again. Time to start gearing up for the season. Time to get excited and nervous. Time to watch tons of old games on the Big 10 Network. Time to block out all Saturdays starting 8/30. Time to get the spot ready on the couch. Time to get an inbox full of forwards of stuff like this...

might be bad juju to say 'this is our year' but i still likey

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The Wades said...

well, that should get your blood pumping! i must remind you again--you were considering not watching this season.

just sayin'.

Shelly said...

yeah, i think paul also said the same thing [about not watchin' 'em]. But....he will.

Anonymous said...

Ummm...Go Cowboys??


Regina said...

correction, tug said he isnt watching this season. i dont abandon my team!!

The Wades said...

are you sure? do you remember this post you did at the end of last season? the first sentence is pretty brutal. for someone who doesn't abandon their team, that was a little harsh.

These Eyes
are cryin' by Regina

"We are (once again) giving up on the Buckeyes. Tug says we aren't going to watch them anymore. Since the season is over I suppose he is right, but he is meaning ever. Too much pain. Luckily it is kinda like childbirth. Come next season we'll think "Hmmm, I remember this hurting a bit but it wasn't THAT bad was it? I mean, nothing we can't handle, right? We have to pay $100 so we can get every game? OK. No, I can't take the kids to their soccer game...the Buckeyes are on!"
So, another bad end to a pretty good season. It's like deja vu all over again!"

scmom (Barbara) said...

This (the video) is the kind of stuff we see and hear all over Columbus. I'm so tired of it already. Can't they just be the Buckeyes and not the National Champs -- at least for the first half of the season?

You have to understand, as a mom (especially a mom of big boys), I start to feel so badly for the players -- such HUGE expectations, especially before the season even begins. I want to hug them and pat their bums and tell them to try their hardest and that will be o.k.

I know -- you're laughing. My husband laughs at me too, when I scold him for yelling at a player for dropping the ball -- "he's somebody's son -- don't you yell at him!" Those poor sweet boys.

My oldest will be at OSU this year -- but no tickets -- the students really get gypped.

Anonymous said...

OK just for the record, you cannot hold someone’s word against them when they are spoken in the darkest hours of their football lives. It's like saying I'm never going to get another dog just after you put Old Yeller down.

Now I don't really remember saying I was never going to watch "The Ohio State Buckeyes" again, but if in a moment of weakness I actually uttered those words, I'm sure I was out of my head with uncontrollable grief and sorrow 

This is a new year, better team and I'm really excited about playing USC week 3. I just hope that Tressel and his coaches have taught Boeckman how to look off a defender.

erica said...

uh... Regina? knock knock knock... anybody in here? I clicked on your link and it took me to this football page. I thought you should know that someone hijacked your blog page. Well, you can always add something new and delete this random post!! Change your password!!! :)

Auntie Nee said...


Shelly said...

Regina - if that anonymous guy is creeping you out, it's b/c that's my dh!! HA!

Christie@tisbutaseason said...

Ok, so I won't say anything about the Cowboys, but when it comes to college ball...around here we're pulling for the Sooners!!

(go ahead and hate me!) :)