Tuesday, August 12, 2008

High fiven'

So, I just finished watching the men's gymnastics final and I have but one thing to say...the Chinese sure need to learn how to do a high-five. Talk about cheeseballs!! 

And speaking of cheeseballs..."That's how we roll". Come on American men, no one actually says that-quit acting like morons for the cameras!

Oops, that was more than one thing.

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Shelly said...

I was on the computer *all night* but face the TV - every time i looked up those guys were sticking their landings! I didn't see one mess up [any country], but i'm sure i missed a lot - only looked up once in a while.

the one american was talking like a gangsta when the camera was on him - I about puked! thanks for acting like an idiot! sheesh - teach them boys how to conduct themselves!

even the swimming - i can't remember which guy of the 4 said this, but he said how he was beating on the block [during the exciting last leg]....he was beating on the swimmers block yelling out the 'f' bomb. CLASSY!

Regina said...

i didnt hear the swimming thing but the gymnasts sure sounded like idiots! totally gangsta. i asked tug "do you think they are trying to overcompensate and act tough since they are boys doing gymnastics?" i am not saying they would need to cuz holy crap are they strong, but man did they sound dumb!

Auntie Nee said...

I saw the last part and I was wondering if I was back at west mesa. DORKS

The Wades said...

I agree with all of you! They had some real stupid stuff to say! I told Max they needed to close their mouths. Yeah, the Chinese men really made a show out of their high fives. "OK, let's square up--pause--thrust hands forward--slap hands. bring hands back down to sides in awkward fashion. walk stiffly off."

Laura The Crazy Mama said...

All them boys have "short guy syndrome". They can't help being cheeseballs (and not much bigger than actual cheeseballs, at that).

PRC said...

We here in The Great Country of China have taken note of your criticism of the technique used by our men's gymnastic team. We will work diligently in the future High Five Program we have developed to address this issue. The Chinese NEVER make mistakes. We are a perfect nation but occasionally, our citizens need re-education in certain areas (no doubt because of the spoiling influence of ever-encroaching capitalist nations). If you notice any other deficiencies in any other areas of casual jockularity of any of our olympic team members and we will have them sent to the gula...I mean...re-education center immediately. If any of our country's citizens act in any way unrobotronic we will take swift measures to ensure complete compliance and uniformity.

All Hail The Collective,