Sunday, August 3, 2008

In the immortal words of Ice Cube

Today was a good day.

We went to Mass this morning and aside from the occasional Alzheimer-ish outburst from the going deaf old man in the back ("Laugh and the world laughs with you, cry and you cry alone" yelled while in line for Communion-and that was just one) it was great*. Sure we forgot to grab a hymnal on the way in so we couldn't follow along since it was said in Latin (not a Traditional Latin Mass, that is next Sunday at 5) but no complaints here.  It is a welcomed change to once again celebrate a reverent Mass!!
We then came back home, took short naps, then headed out the door to watch the Albuquerque Isotopes lose (or at least they were losing when we left in the 8th) to the Tacoma Rainiers. Tug grew up watching the Dukes (who left Albuquerque but were replaced a few yrs later by the Topes) so when he discovered Tacoma had Triple A ball he was ecstatic. When he looked at the schedule and saw they were playing the Topes this weekend he had a plan to make us all go. That was our reward for getting everything unpacked. Initially we were going to wear some of our Topes paraphernalia but Tug decided we were going for the Rainiers since we live here now. We now have hats...and their logo is basically 'T R' so extra bonus pretending it just stands for Tug and Regina. 
Hope your day went just as great!

*to clarify-i didnt mean to imply that the old man in the back made Mass bad or that he shouldnt have been there. on the contrary, i think it was great that his adult son who has 5 kids of his own takes him to Mass...I just thought what he yelled was funny.

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Tammy Staley said...

You crack me up!

Amy Caroline said...

Must be nice... having a church already... lol.
BTW, I like your header! Poor Tacoma Narrows.

The Wades said...

Go Isotopes! How quickly Tug changes teams. Sure hope you never move to Michigan.

Anonymous said...

I would like to thank you soo much for helping my wife with her blog. It takes alot of pressure off of me:) She is doing very well at the photoshop now.

Also, go Buckeyes!!!!

The Wades said...

Poor guy shouting odd stuff! At least he's at church where people will show love and tolerance to him! :) Glad you like your new church.

~Marci~ said...

Glad you are feeling right at home...ALREADY.

Anonymous said...

Come on, Tug...there's no 505 loyalty??? GO DUKES!!

Although I do like the T R tie in.


Jessica said...

Your church sounds awesome!! I am jealous!!

Sounds like you guys have settled right in up there!

I like your new header too. Looks great!