Friday, August 22, 2008

My holiness

Sweet lil' ol Amy tagged me for a meme ...a meme that will never come true BUT I thought it would be slightly fun to play along. 

1. What would you want your holy card to look like?
Well, I would want myself to be represented as a svelte, Barbie-ish muse with books (for my wisdom), a clock (for my patience), a microphone (for my skills), and a heart encompassed by a halo (for my loving, saintly personality). In reality I would be Saint It Hath Frozen Over (cuz they all change their names you know), so I think my card would look more along the lines of this:
2. What would you be the Patron Saint of?
I suppose it would have to be cold things...blizzards. No wait, ice cream. For sure, the patron saint of ice cream. 

3. Your second choice for a holy card?
Second choice? No way baby, I am either Saint It Hath Frozen Over and I am the Patron Saint of Ice Cream, or I am no saint at all!

Now, being the saintly being that I am, I tag:
Jessica (though I think she was originally tagged-just extra urging)
Laura (though Amy tagged her-again extra urging)
Michelle cuz she has lots of spare time
Shelly cuz I want to see if her Photoshop* skills have improved
*UPDATE: So, going back through and looking at others who have done this it appears the original meme was asking what picture of yourself you would use for a holy card-and most people were a tad more serious than I. Whoopsie, though I think Amy knew what she was doing when she tagged me. 
WOW, 3 posts in one brain hurts

3 people are laughing with me:

Amy said...

I knew what I was doing!!! :) Love it... I think you might be my new favorite saint... as I have a deep abiding love for the frozen treat.

Michelle said...

This is supposed to be a serious meme?

My we have a bunch of dour saints out there.

I want to be the patron saint of harried homeschoolers. Put a scientific calculator in one hand and a belt for whipping unruly students in the other. Have me nursing a baby in a sling with one foot propped on a pile of textbooks and a few other little ones clinging to my legs.

Aubrey said...

How funny! I certainly was laughing with you!