Friday, August 22, 2008

Twirly Skirt

Reading Christine's post about a skirt she made reminded me of a skirt I have been wanting to try for a long time (not to mention I was hoping for a quick project since I am still knitting that scarf). At our other house I resisted sewing because it would have had to have be done in the kitchen and sewing is an involved process that (for me) is hard to quickly clean. At our current digs the sewing machine is in the playroom/schoolroom/my office and since we don't do school on Fridays, the room was empty. After digging around a bit on the internet I again found the tutorial and gave it a whirl twirl. 

testing the twirl

Lil' bro wanted in on the fun...don't pay attention to the fact that he is in his underwear. 
Erin's (houseonhillroad) free tutorial here!!

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Amy said...

And you finished the pants!!! Thaey are goregous! Both the skirt and the pants. Sigh, I miss knittign with you.

Amy said...

Oh, I can spell too... so well. Sorry I got excited. :)

Shelly said...

i'm just impressed! that is great! i saw a tutorial on someone else's blog [same skirt as well]. I'm not good at the finishing part. I can sew the panels together and then....
that's where it stays. I've never been *shown*. Reading does nothing for this little brain of mine!
I always sound like such a whiner!
Oh, and those pants, you made those too! Geesh, i want some!
okay, i'm whining again!

The Wades said...

love j in that last picture. tell L the twirl is great. miss you guys!

Regina said...

shelly-seriously, the skirt is easy. give it a go!!
amy-i know, ::sniff, sniff::, i miss you too!!
wades-yeah, j looks like a goon in the last picture, that is why i had to post it!!

Christine said...

Thank you for sharing, Regina. This skirt looks great and the tutorial is very similar to the one that I used. Our skirts aren't twirly because I didn't measure the width either. However, the girls did get compliments last Sunday! I hope to share photos soon. I have not been able to access our main computer all week. I will see you later today.

Anonymous said...

multi-talented, i tell you...multi-talented


Jessica said...

WOW! Those turned out so cute! I have been dying to make one of those skirts, but don't know where to even start... Do you want to come over and help? :o)