Friday, August 29, 2008


Thanks to those of you willing and able to pray. It is something that could be very minor, but it is also something that could be very serious so we are praying for the minor. Hopefully we will know more soon and, when I am given clearance, I will fill ya in. to clarify, tug is not the person for whom i am asking prayers. while it sucks for him, the prayer recipient is someone else in my family (let's just say bob)...bob's situation is (possibly) far more serious, though it might also be nothing more than a nuisance. so please keep bob in prayer, and any extra you can throw in there for tug is nice-or for my sanity since he can't walk well ' honey, can you get me xyz ;)
On a different note, that there is an xray of Tug's foot. Somewhere there is a broken bone...I couldn't get a very good picture of the xray but neither of us could tell based on the xray. The girls and Tug both are (guess I should say were) doing Judo, Tug played as a kid. Well on Wednesday night he was Judo-ing (technical term) and heard a loud pop. Yesterday he went to urgent care and was told his foot is broken. He is now at the Orthopaedic doc hopefully getting a cast, though it might still be too swollen. I wonder if they have The Ohio State University casts-the actual logo, not just boring red-that would be cool!

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Shelly said...

Wow that really looks like a dino's foot. Are you sure you've got the right x-ray! LOL It looks like his toes are 7in long!

Sorry it's not funny. I hope he recovers in time for ... well, I guess football season :o)

Regina said...

i thought them more monkey-ish. of course the bones you can actually see are those of his foot, his toes are darker towards the bottom. but he does have a big foot...size 13's baby (you know what that means)

Erin said...

Oh no!! For the record, this is Tug's second time to break his foot (the first was during boot camp). Will he be on crutches or one of those walking casts? Good thing his girls are big enough to fetch him beers for the games. ;)

Trina said...

hey, we'll be saying a prayer for him

Jessica said...

oh NO!!! That really stinks!!! Update us, when you can, and in the meantime we will be praying for YOU, Tug and 'bob'!

Anonymous said...

is he all casted up??
- sorry tugger! get well soon