Friday, August 1, 2008

Patients please

Ha ha...when we were living in Albuquerque roadwork was being done (roadwork is ALWAYS being done in NM) and it said that on one of their signs-flashing over and over again 'thanks for your patients'. 

Anywhoo, we are in the wet state of WA-it has already rained twice. Yesterday it started after we finished for the night, today it started this morning. Luckily it has stopped and we have been able to get the entire truck emptied which leaves me rooms looking like this:

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Jessica said...

It has been nice and sunny yet not too hot here. Basically, perfect!! Too bad you moved.

I don't feel sorry for you for having to unpack all of your stuff. Honestly, I think you should just put it all back in the truck and move back.

If you do, I'll take all your kids so you can unpack in peace, and even bring you a hot meal! :) Please!

Jessica said...

and by the way... I am not laughing!

erica said...

Good luck on the unpack - it could take you weeks or months or like many people... YEARS!!! So, keep a few boxes packed so that the next move is easier!!

Take it or leave it... it is just the crazy advice of a fellow mover!!

Christie@tisbutaseason said...

we have friends across the way who moved here from seattle just under 2 yrs ago. after this summer they may be kicking themselves...rain - even too much - would be nice right about now. :)

Good luck with the unpacking ...having moved a year ago I understand you pain.

Erin said...

So glad you arrived safely. Can't wait to hear all about your adventures in the great state of Washington.