Wednesday, August 27, 2008


Why o' why am I bothering with this? Note to self, don't eat Mexican food the night before you have to weigh in. Oh, and don't eat junk food every day the week prior to having to weigh in. Not a good week in terms of food, but decent in terms of exercise. We joined the YMCA and I did 100 minutes of cardio (the kids are also signed up for Judo-today will be their combined first day. {r} went on Monday but {l} was sick). This week I am going to be good, I promise. I've already gotten in 45 minutes of cardio and it is only 7:30!!

This week: +1

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Jessica said...

That is great Regina!! I hope you all love the Y.

I had a bad week too. I don't know why I am gaining weight. I haven't been eating all that poorly. This weekend I was up 5 pounds, but this morning I am down to *just* one pound up from last week. I am pretty sure it is mostly water retention, probably from being so sore from my chiropractic appts? I don't know. This is depressing though.

I haven't been exercising, other than my 30-60 minutes in the pool with the kids during the week. I don't think that counts. :)

Anonymous said...

Down two more pounds - no exercising. My mom gave me her newish treadmill, but we haven't been able to bring it home yet. Maybe this weekend. Only 30 pounds to go!

Erica said...

When did you begin getting up before 8!?!! You are leaving me in the dust!!

Laura The Crazy Mama said...

I went and weighed myself a couple of weeks ago because my clothes were starting to feel a little "snug". I had gained 10 pounds (after the race and getting a little lazy on the food and running). I have been trying to be more active (mowing the lawn, swimming) and watching what I eat so today, I WOWed myself and I had lost 5 pounds. My goal right now is -20 pounds so we'll see if WOW helps.
Thanks Regina (I mean it, I'm not even being sarcastic or anything!).

Amy said...

Regina, you ROCK! We have wanted to join the Y but it seems so expensive... but then they have all those free classes and swimming. Anyway...
Who knows that pound gained might be muscle, too.
And you should do Mexican food two days before a weigh in, so that you have that day between where you get cleaned out because of all the beans.
Ok, sorry that was gross. I just had lunch with the kids and our conversation deteriorated rapidly and now my mind is all on poo-poo jokes.