Wednesday, September 10, 2008


This week was an experimental one, I did it for the benefit of you. Last week I was rather successful eating 'right' and exercising. This week I thought 'Hmm, what if I still exercise but eat whatever I want?' The experiment was very in depth, very scientific-I took no notes and just know that I ate A LOT and drank A LOT of Dr Pepper. In my defense, I was quite starving from the week before. Wait. I don't need a defense, it was an experiment remember. I was the sacrificial lamb...I ruined myself for the greater good. Now you know-you canNOT eat anything you want if you are trying to lose weight by reasoning that you are working out so it is ok. Thanks not needed ;)

Weight: +2.4
Exercise: 140 minutes cardio

Weekly Goal:
Continue exercise-increase to minimum 180 minutes of cardio
Add in upper body weights 3days/week
Back to WW point tracking

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Christine said...

Everything in moderation. I was happy to see you eating ice cream on Friday. I have been trying to start an exercise routine for a while. Your posts are motivating me to try harder.

Jessica said...

Thanks for taking the time (and weight) to test that out for all of us Regina! I appreciate it!

I went the other route. Eating ok, and no exercise, and lost 2 pounds.

Wonder what we could do if we exercised AND ate good!

Laura The Crazy Mama said...

I've found that if I do the no eating bad food thing without the exercise thing, I turn into superbiotch. It isn't pleasant. So, this week I ate whatever I wanted, didn't exercise at all (except for working like a dog on organizing and cleaning) and I didn't gain or lose.

However, Butch and I are going away in a few weekends so I only have "x" amount of time to get into prime hang-out-with-hubs-naked-no-kids-around-shape so I'm hittin the road and gettin really crabby from no carbs from today on.

Regina said...

christine, i know not of what you speak! ME, eating ice cream? moi, no no no. you must have me confused with someone else!

jessica-thanks for appreciating my efforts! well if we exercised AND ate well, we would be boring!

laura-going the no carb route huh? i HATE doing that, but love it at the same time cuz you can drop weight quickly!

Shelly said...

OH DARN! That's my problem!! LOL

And who asked for Jessica's thoughts anyway?! [just kidding, Jessica knows i love her!]

I'm on South Beach as we speak- yummmm - salad anyone?

Jessica said...

why do I even bother leaving comments?!?! ;)

Michelle said...

Funny, I did what Jessica did and got the same result.