Thursday, September 4, 2008

Spilled beans

So Michelle has finally spilled the beans and now I can tell you just who you have been praying for.  Quick synopsis is my brother-in-law (Tug's sister's husband) found out last Thursday that he has some sort of brain issue. That up there is a picture of his brain. That dark area on the upper right shouldn't be there. It might be no big deal, it might be a huge deal. We are praying for the no big deal variety. Unfortunately yesterday they found out he also has a heart issue (an issue he has had since birth and they have known about) that has gotten substantially worse. So, in his future is possible open-heart surgery (very likely) and brain surgery (unsure). 

To get a better story, the full story, check out her post
PLEASE, if possible, keep Max in your prayers. Thanks!! 

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The Wades said...

thanks regina! we appreciate the prayers.

heart surgery is pretty much a definite--brain surgery, hopefully not.

Christine said...

Regina, we will keep Max in our prayers.