Wednesday, September 3, 2008

WoW-what week is this anyway?

So this week was a decent one. I decided to sort of start Weight Watchers. I say sort of because I haven't actually enrolled. A long time ago a friend who had previously done WW gave me her old points counter so I looked online and saw what my points should be and am trying to stick to it. I don't know exactly what my points should be since different sites said different numbers and I don't know the real rules (I think if you exercise you get to get more points but I am not adding them back in). I did decide though that for my sanity I would have one free night per week, provided I exercised and ate well the rest of the week. I was just going to do a free meal but thought better of it. I also have some WW dessert thingys that I am eating basically every night, regardless of my points total ;) I do need to increase my water intake. 

Exercise done: 185 minutes cardio
Pounds lost: -5.1

Weekly goals:
Continue with WW 
Continue cardio routine
Increase water

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Auntie Nee said...

I dont know if I lost I forgot to weigh myself for the last week and a half. I am going to go with no and start again this week. Great job on the 5 lbs that is awsome. What are WW points and how do you figure them out??

Jessica said...

Up another pound this week. I am not this... I haven't had a loss yet!

Jessica said...

not *liking* this, that is...

Michelle said...

No change.

OK, birthday cake wasn't helping any. But I propose that the biggest problem was the Crystal Light lemonade. For some reason, whenever I drink anything with fake sweeteners, I can't lose weight. I thought it was just Diet Coke, but I think it's aspartame. Evil stuff.