Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Since Shelly Asked

And since I have nothing else to talk about...
Via email, Shelly asked "Can you explain your ohio craziness? I think people from ohio are the only fans – you break the mold."  That's right baby, I break the mold. It all started long ago when a little Mexican gal met some White dude from Ohio while both were in the Navy. They got married and blah, blah, blah to the important part-I was born.  Well, that White dude raised us (until I was about 8) as lovers of the great state of OHIO though we lived far away in El Paso, TX...I was (am) a Browns fan, an Indians fan and a Buckeye fan and most of my family (on my dad's side) still live in OH. Lo and behold I found a fellow Browns, Indians and Buckeye fan while in college at New Mexico State University. Tug's mom is from Mansfield, OH and his dad is from Ashland, OH so he too was raised an OHIO fan, though he was born and raised in Albuquerque, NM. Actually the first night we kissed (we had known each other for about a year prior) I had on an Indian's hat and he said I looked like Omar Vizquel...I think he thought that was a compliment, I didn't. Anyhoo, we are now raising our kids right-as fellow Buckeye lovers (of all the teams, we only truly follow them) and they certainly know how to chant "Oh, we don't give a damn for the whole state of Michigan". 

I had hoped to post an awesome picture I recently found-I was about 4, my sister 6 and we were both wearing long sleeved Snoopy shirts and Snoopy is holding a pennant that says Ohio State but I made the mistake of letting the kids look at it and now I don't know where it is. Instead, I will leave you with my greatest mistake, my one big regret in life. 
{my mom still lives at that address so I am redding it out}
Instead of going to The Ohio State University I chickened out and decided it was too far (and was going to cost too much) so I instead went to Texas A&M. My sophomore year I transferred to NMSU so if that could stay the same (since that is where I met Tug) I wish I would have gone to OSU for my freshman year. 

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PLD Consulting said...

Now I find it very interesting that Ms. “Ohio sucks and there all just a bunch of football doofus’s up there” found it necessary to actually move back to that state to find the perfect man to marry.

Was it maybe because all the men where she lived were a bunch of SEC whiners that could only complain about how Ohio State was over-rated and their SEC team got hosed again?

Come to think about it, if the choice was to marry a Georgia crybaby and listen to that whining for the next 50 years, or marry someone who supports a winning team and could actually string more that 3 coherent words together to make a sentence, I’d make the 650 mile trek up Interstate 75 as well :)

Auntie Nee said...

I'm with you sister!!!


The Wades said...

And please don't forget Tug's sister was also born in Ohio. ;) Sure wish my husband liked to watch football as much as he liked playing it.

Jessica said...

Cute story! If you find that picture, you have to post it!!!

Aubrey said...

You'd laugh at my kids. My husband taught them a marching song to keep them focused when he wants them to move somewhere. They sing, "Marching, marching, off we go, all the way to O-HI-O." We have no connections to Ohio and I have no idea where that came from. All the same, thought you'd get a kick out of the story.

Anonymous said...

Me thinks you need to make the trek to OH! - IO! ;)

Show your kids where OSU is! :) Then they could meet the rest (ok, those that share mine & auntie nee's last name ;) of their cousins :)

<3 ya ;)