Thursday, September 4, 2008

Release the hounds

Wow, did you watch Sarah Palin last night? Yowzah, she had some real zingers in there. It really made Tug and I laugh, but I am wondering if all of them were truly necessary. LOVED the 'here's a man who has written two memoirs but not one important piece of legislation'. True dat!! One thing I don't get is the media's focus on 'Is she qualified or ready to be the President'. Are you serious folks? If I hear this one more time I think I am going to explode. HELLO, this woman is running for VP, not President. Yes, that puts her a heart beat away from the you recall who the Democrats are asking you to put in the White House, not as the VP but as the President himself. Not only does Obama have NO executive experience (zip, zero, nada-as said last night, he has never even run a business) but he also has little national experience. The media truly do think we are idiots who can't think and discern things for ourselves, and they must think we are too foolish to recognize their bias and hypocrisy. (update, looks like scbarb is noticing the same, she also has a link to video of Palin's speech)

Also, I have heard how wonderful Obama is because he has said the issue of Bristol Palin being pregnant is 'off limits'. Wow, what a great man. Seriously though, I wonder if his mind would be changed had his own mom not been 18 and unmarried when she became pregnant with him (and I think he should thank God, or Rev. Wright, that that was in the '60's when abortion was illegal and not in 1974, who knows if the great messiah would have been allowed his right to life).
And speaking of girls handing out zingers, check them out
They were very excited to get their gi's last night! I told them to smile but they refused saying they needed to look mean.

They were showing me what they did during class...I think this is part of learning how to fall?! {l} is on top

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Auntie Nee said...

WOW they look MEAN!!!!! But also CUTE!!!!

Loved what I heard of the speech. Was out at GG helping. I didn't really do much.

Amy said...

We misse dpart of the speech, but what I did see I loved! Tony and I were hooting it up. I was about to go an look for link to the full speech to watch with Tony later.

They are so cute. Make me miss you all more. I also miss rain... is it raining up there? Tony was picking on me last night because I kept saying with a deep sigh, "I wish it would rain."

Auntie Nee said...

btw, what is the audacity of nope on the side of your blog

Anonymous said...

If only the Republicans were as good at running America as they are at attacking Democrats. :)

love the girls' outfits - they look so cute...and mean... :)

how's Tug's foot?


Erin said...

Wow, I wouldn't mess with those tough girls! Cute - reminds me of Michelle & Tug in gis.

Palin's speech really was incredible. I expected her to be good, but not that good. No question that the fight is on.

Regina said...

the audacity of nope is to mock obama's autobiography the audacity of hope. for me, he is a nope, aka nobama.

lisa-if only the demoncats were able to live up to all their promises. and i think the only liberty palin took was saying something along the lines of 'what harry meant was that he couldn't stand up to mccain'. other than that she was referring to either truths or things the dems themselves have said "this was the moment when our earth began to heal"-whatev!!
tugs foot is still broken, still on crutches, still hobling around, still got 5 more weeks.

erin, wow-thanks for the comment, i thought you had deserted me forever.

The Wades said...

The girls are soo cute! Funny they wanted to look mean.

I'm so sad I missed her speech. Maybe I can find it somewhere.

Laura The Crazy Mama said...

Whoa, those girls are seriously scaaaaary. I would not want to run into THEM in a dark alley, that's for sure. You tell them they look rough and tough and full of stuff! I hope they practice hard and get their black belts someday. We need some more tough girlygirls to keep those naughty boys in their place!