Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Big city livin

I am making a concerted effort to get the kids out of the house more. In Oregon we didn't do much, and there wasn't much to do since we were in a small town. Here we are close to two big cities and are trying to actually get something out of it. Last Thursday I decided we should go to the Farmer's Market.  Looking online I saw that there was a parking garage where you could park for free then take the rail (also free) to the Market. I had never used any sort of public transportation, nor have the kids so we gave it a go. 

Waiting for the rail...

Here comes our ride

The kids were really excited, especially once they saw you can stand up while it is moving

                     And here is {s} enjoying some blueberries

The rail only goes about a mile total and there are about 5 stops along the way. On our way back from the Market, I looked out the window and saw the water at one of the stops so we decided to hop off and take a look around. Here the kids are on a bridge that takes you over the freeway to some museums. 

One of the museums
 is a glass museum so there were a lot of neat glass sculptures on the bridge.

And this is the actual glass museum. There were a couple other museums but we didn't go into any of them. I figured we would save that for another trip. 

Between museums was one of those infinity pools looking out to the Sound. {j} really wanted to get in the water. 

Overall a great time was had...and we came home with cupcakes and kettle popcorn (oh yeah and a small amount of blueberries)-isn't that what everyone gets at the Farmer's Market?
Today I think we will finally make the trip North to Ikea!!

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Aubrey said...

That looks like a neat trip! You're lucky to have an Ikea nearby; our closest is 8 hours away!

Auntie Nee said...

WOW!!!! That looked like that was fun. Hope the kids had a blast but it looks like r was not very happy waiting for the shuttle.

Christine said...

Wow, you're being adventurous! The Children's Museum is worth visiting. My older ones enjoyed it when they were younger (getting their hands messy, etc.). I think that they still have free admission once a month.

~Marci~ said...

Looks like you are enjoying Big City Life..... I wish, at times, I lived in a bigger city so I could take the kiddos to the museums, aquariums, etc. We ALWAYS go when we visit my aunt in Seattle. Glad you are having fun!!!!

The Wades said...

New city, new Regina! Impressive stuff. Heck, you even let your children get out of their jammies. ;)

Looks like a lot of fun. Wish we could see the exciting sights with you. I'm impressed that you would attempt public transportation with four children all by yourself! Go you!

Erin said...

How fun! Good job! Public transportation is the BEST! Even with 4 kids, I think it's probably easier than driving in the city. Now you're all ready to come visit Auntie E & Uncle C in Chicago!

Regina said...

yes, public transportation is great until you hear about guys being attacked with hammers!
we will certainly go back though

Jessica said...

Fun!! SO much to DO up there!!!

The girls hair IS short and they look taller!!!

So, how did you like IKEA? I've always wanted to go to one of those...

Betsey said...

Hi! This is my first time on your blog... I got here from Shower of Roses. We just moved to the are a little over a year ago...were in Seattle and are now in Lynnwood. We are still trying to find a church. We loved Blessed Sacrament in Seattle, but are trying to find something closer. I'm not sure what city you guys are in, but have you found a church you love? We're trying to find some place we can meet people, which we've failed to do miserably! We have a 3 yo, 1 1/2 yo, and I'm due in February with our 3rd boy.


Regina said...

Hi Betsey,
We have found a parish we like but we are down near tacoma and the parish is in tacoma (sts. peter & paul) which would be pretty far for you to drive.
you can email me directly if you would like


The Wades said...

never mentioned that the girls look cute with their shorter dos! love

Heather said...

Good for you guys! Public transport and all!! I've seen pics of that museum before- how pretty...
Beware of the kettle corn- it's got a mad, addictive hold on people (I know this from experience). :) Heather