Wednesday, April 30, 2008

WoW Week who cares

Ok Ok, so it is week 9.  Good job to those of you who are staying strong. I was weak this past week. Well not the whole week, just since Sunday. I don't get how I can justify in my head that I need to lose weight, and that justification is happening as I stuff french fries in my pie hole. I actually started strong with exercise then started saying "Come on, it's your birthday. Come on, just one day." Problem was that was on Sunday, my birthday wasn't until Monday. So on Monday I started the day with the idea of getting back on track then said "Come on, today is your birthday. You can cheat today. Yesterday wasn't your birthday. Yesterday doesn't count." Honestly, I am surprised I didn't gain more but I am back on track today. Today is a new day. I am turning over a new leaf. Today I start anew.

This week: + 1.3

Jessica: - 0.5
Renee: ± 0
Laura: -2
Amy: +1. wow, you are doing really well. i would be +10 by now
Kimberly: ± 0
Michelle: -1
Marci: -1
Bonnie: -3. Good job, glad to see you back.

If I have left your name off it is not intentional—a lot of people have left comments saying they are going to participate but then never check back in. If you do want to participate please just leave a comment with the ± and I will add it to the list. Gracias.

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Amy Caroline said...

But after this morning's episode of m/s maybe it is less now....

kimberly said...

A great big, fat ZERO!

I hate plateaus...nothing lost, nothing gained.

Amy Caroline said...

it's my scale I think.... I probably have gained 20 lbs, lol.
I would kill for some mozerella sticks right now...

Michelle said...

Down another 1. I know I can do better, but I'm eating a lot of dessert. For tonight, I made chocolate meringue pie. I don't know why.

The best part, though, is that my husband and I weighed the same this morning. {insert nefarious laughing} If I can't lose weight, I'll just fatten him up!

I resolve to do better. I'll give up dessert right after this pie is gone.

~Marci~ said...

-1 this week

Jessica said...


I was down 1.5 yesterday... but all that Pasta I ate last night killed me. Oh well.

I celebrated and went clothes shopping today. :o)

I will get my post up as soon as I put the groceries away, and dinner made... I have been in town ALL day!

The Wades said...

are you just waiting for me to post my poundage before updating again??!! no comment! now post something! :)