Saturday, April 19, 2008

Such a tease

The Big 10 Network showed today's Scarlet & Gray, but what a little tease. Only 5 more months until the season starts :(

Tug took Boo out on Thursday for her birthday, just her and him. She was very proud. I am not sure of all that went on but I think they went golfing (9 holes though they only made it through 6 and according to him she basically ran around and rolled down hills), went to lunch, went to the grocery store where he bought all the kids baseball gloves (they have been thoroughly enjoying those), then to pick out her ice cream cake. Once they got home we had to quickly get ready for soccer and after practice we went to dinner. She chose a local Mexican joint and proudly told the waiter "Mi cumpleaños" (she couldn't remember the whole phrase) so was rewarded with a big sombrero, fried ice cream and singing of Las Mañanitas. Then it was back home to eat some cake* and open her present from Grandma. 
Yesterday we were lucky enough to have some friends meet us at mass then we went to a local coffee shop and hung out for a bit with Father and some other parishioners. After, we continued on to Cold Stone for ice cream**. That was my idea of a birthday party!  Here are some cute pics from there:

Today we had another soccer game, and we once again forgot the camera.  We also had team pictures which was my main reason for not wanting to be coach. During pictures, it started snowing! Anyhoo the streak continues—last weekend we lost 4-3 (OH SO CLOSE) and this weekend we lost a whole lot to 1 (at least we scored?).
Have a good weekend :)

*I succumbed, sort of. I have had about 7 bites of the cake over the past 3 days BUT I chewed then spit it out. Gross I know but I figure I can get the taste, with negligible carbs since I am not actually swallowing it. No, I don't have an eating disorder. Actually I do, I eat TOO much!
**I did NOT succumb at all at Cold Stone. Not even one little nibble!

Thanks for the pics Jess. 

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Jessica said...

Cute pictures!! Thanks again for treating all of us to Cold Stone!!! The kids had a BLAST!!! :)

It has been a CRAZY day!! I'm finally back online, and I just emailed you some pictures from Cold Stone.

The Wades said...

Fun! Did the Duggars meet you there? ;) Wish we could have joined. Love

Amy Caroline said...

The Duggars think we are all weirdos!

Thank you R! We all had a BLAST!! And I am proud of you for not eating at CS. You are doing awesome!!

The Wades said...

Tug and Regina--Don't forget you will not be watching the Buckeyes this season. I think you said that Tug, especially, is done. Just doing my sisterly duty by reminding you. Love ya