Sunday, April 13, 2008


Last night we went to an auction at St. Vincent de Paul (will post about that later) which made for a late night for the kids (thanks again Amy for babysitting) so we decided to go to our local church instead of where we normally attend. Neither Tug nor I like this church but it is close (where we normally go is 45 minutes away) so on days when we are tired or the girls don't have CCD we stay local.  Now, they have an 8 o'clock and an 11 0'clock service. The 8 doesn't work so well if our intent is to sleep in but we don't like hanging out until the 11 so we often go to the 9:30 Spanish mass.  We don't like this service either, especially when the celebrant has the choir lady say the homily...he seems to be able to get through the mass fine with his choppy Spanish but won't do the homily (is that even licit?) 

Moving on, at the Spanish mass a lot of people (adults) will go up to the priest, one hand in front of their chest, simply to receive a blessing. I am still not sure how I feel about this—on the one hand it is good that they aren't just receiving so they seem to be taking the importance of the Eucharist to heart, on the other move it along people... Well, the girls like to go up when we do but they can't receive yet so they cross their arms, bow in front of the host, then move to the side. I think Padre got confused (since the others there don't move to the side, they want the blessing) so when it was my turn to receive he crossed my forehead and started giving me a blessing in Spanish (I was holding SP so maybe he thought I was crossing myself) so I say
"No, I am receiving..."
P: leans closer to me smiling "Huh?"
"I am receiving communion."
P: "Oh *snicker* The Body of Christ"
I take the Eucharist then start to move just as he starts to lift his hand to bless SP...I keep going.
Tug was behind me (and later told me that) the Priest laughed a little and said (obviously loud enough for Tug to hear him)
P: "Whatever" then proceeded to give Tug communion. 

Oh, did I mention he is a Monsignor? Whatever indeed!

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Kimberly said...


Okay...I feel better now. Whatever, indeed! Here's a little excerpt from the Code of Canon Law:

the preaching of the "homily" during Mass may never be done by anyone other than a Bishop, priest or deacon. Those studying for the priesthood, lay faithful with particular competences or any other suitable person who is not ordained is forbidden from giving a homily at Mass. The Instruction states specifically that to the extent this might previously have been considered permissible by canon 766, it is now abrogated and unlawful.

I could go on and on regarding liturgical abuses, etc., but this is a fairly easy one to address. This is precisely why we attend the Traditional Latin Mass. There is absolutely no room whatsoever for "creativity..." I'm in no way opposed to the Ordinary Form...I've just never, and I mean, never seen it offered as prescribed by the GIRM and the CCL. sad...

Journey of Truth said...
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Journey of Truth said...

Sorry, my first comment read like I thought it was okay that the ONE time I went to an outside parish for morning mass when a woman gave the homily that it was okay - which it is not. Clearly, I have to correct that. It is not okay for anyone to give the homily (as stated from the Canon by Kimberly). I never went back. Maybe I should have said something?

I like the music at Church to be traditional, bad singers in the choir included. Trust me, our choir needs a little help. I should join, but I don't feel like I sing well enough. Anyway, the Life Teen choir is pretty good, as I found out last night, but - the songs are Praise and Worship songs that belong outside of the Mass, in my humble opinion. I can't focus on the Mass when the be-bops going on. I think it's beautiful music, but I also believe there is a time and place. Like, perhaps a half hour before Mass begins, why not have their jam session, then go into less boppy music?

Anyone else have opinions on Life Teen music? I mean, we go to Mass for Eucharist, not the music. It's amazing how many people are trying to change things to attract people - if Christ's not doing it, we need to pray harder about that.

Anonymous said...

Why am I not surprised?

The Wades said...

Outrageous!!! ;)
Was this the same church where you got in a fight with one of the priests??

Would you please do another post for your non-catholic readers?! Thanks. :)

Regina said...

The Wades: Actually, it is the same priest (he has since been made Monsignor). Perhaps I can whip up another post for those non-Catholics but, as I have told you before, you ain't one...indelible mark baby! You are one of us whether you want to be or not—you can thank your mom for that.

Amy Caroline said...

Oh no, Regina. I went to noon mass... oh heavens... the music there is so bad, people actually laugh. I spend the whole time praying for that poor woman who thinks she can sing. And then I leave with a headache.
I have a video of SP for you, btw! :)

Shelly said...

The Noive!!!

It's so FUNNY that you say that about the blessing!!

I just told my sister a few months ago: Do you want to know what *reallllllly* bothers me???? When Extraordinary Eucharistic ministers bless the kids. I have this attitude like, "*who* are you?" - I *even* -in my head- roll my eyes, like: yeah, yeah, yeah...let's move it along lady! [it's usually the ladies that bother me more! LOL]

I'm so glad - so glad - to see Kimberly's quick response. I hadn't even finished reading your post when i stopped to comment on the "wait a minute...that's NOT allowed!!!" We had a priest at a previous parish [who is *now* a monsignor, btw] who had some "sister" give the homily on more than one occasion - of course, at the time, i didn't know my Faith. We left there ASAP after we did finally LEARN it!

I can't believe the priest actually SAID that! How funny is that??!! That is totally a Seinfeld!

The Wades said...

It's Tuesday. Why is there no update? I know your experience was outrageous and all, but UPDATE! ;)

~Marci~ said...

so sad that you should write about a similiar incident that I experienced less than a year ago. Same priest that you have mentioned... As I was discussing with him about a particular topic that I would appreciate his support on, I said..."ya know, I support our church both spiritually and financilly, which means I support you and your lifestyle as well. It would be nice to know that you support your parishioners in return. You chose to serve the Lord and to live the life that you do." He then said to me, in the most demeaning tone I have EVER heard,as he rolled his eyes to the back of his head..."yeah, my life... great isn't it?" And he's living to serve the Lord?... And now he's monsignor? go figure and WHATEVER is right~

Shelly said...

Sounds like a certain Monsignor needs LOTS of prayers! As do all priests; holy *and* not-so-holy :o)