Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Crazy Urges Meme

Sweet lil'Laura tagged me for this one. She has some pretty witty responses, I ain't got nothin'. 

Let's see, think, think, think. Here goes:

1. The craziest urge I have is to compete in a triathlon. Why you ask? Oh I don't know, torture seems fun. Seeing as how I keep getting pregnant it'll probably never happen. Oh yeah, and the fact that I don't get my arse off the couch might have something to do with it too.

2.  I would like to own some kind of quaint something (I've put a lot of thought into it). Maybe a sweet little coffee shop, or an Irish pub, or a yarn store. Something ultra chic and way cooler than me.

3. I have a strong urge to never get pregnant again (go ahead Catholics, bash away, I can take it).

4. I wanna be a forensic detective.

5. I wanna be in the forbidden area of the Mormon church during a wedding (I think the whole church is forbidden during ceremonies to non-mormons or those who haven't reached a certain mormon level). Alright, I don't actually want to do it, but why the secrecy? Are you beheading chickens or something?

6. Recently I have had the urge to stop blogging.

7. I am realizing I am a woman with few dreams and desires...perhaps that is why I feel so empty inside.

8. And my current, most overwhelming urge is to go take a poop. jus teezin (as Ham would say). I am off to the soccer fields. Oh and for those who asked, we lost our first game. I think the score was a bazillion to zero—thanks for bringing it up!

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Laura The Crazy Mama said...

You rule the smokey kingdom. Your scepter is a wine glass, and a barstool is your thro-o-o-o-one.

(My dad used to work part time at a bar in town and he would put me up on the bar and make me sing that song. I know it by heart to this day.)

Laura The Crazy Mama said...

1. I've wanted to do that too!
2. We already have a name for the wine bar we want to open.
3. Me too (I wouldn't mind but) I hate being pregnant.
4. I left that one out (I realized this morning that I wanted to include "CSI" in my wish list.
5. Eh, all they're doing is trying on their magic underpants.
6. NO WAY. I'm going to make a book out of it for the kids.
7. I'm never at a loss for dreams, maybe I could borrow you some?
8. *...I got nothin'

Amy Caroline said...

I had to laugh so hard, so many of these are mine too. I am dying to get in that Mormon temple. I want to know the secret handshake!

And I have had the thought about the store too. We will open a yarn store together, where kids are welcome, and sit around a knit all day.

One of the things I used to think about was opening a candy store right next to a liquor store and naming them...
Candy is Dandy... Bur Liquor is Quicker.

Amy Caroline said...

Oh, and about the dreams. I think you have far more dreams than you realize. You are an amazing person and friend and I think your list, even if they are simply urges (aside from the poop one, ewww) show that you do have dreams and imagination.
You just need to move closer to me. That house across the creek is still for sale. The kids loved the idea of building a bridge. :)

The Wades said...

Wow, after reading Laura and Amy's comments I'm suddenly really intimidated to write anything.

I'll have to keep it simple--thanks for baring your soul for all to see.

#6--don't even think it!

sorry to all my mormon homies, but laura's comment, "eh, all they're doing is trying on their magic underpants" really gave me a chuckle. :)

Anonymous said...

Super urge:

Family in Albuquerque would love to see Sugar, Boo, Hambone and Sweet Pea (of course mama R and daddy T) also.

We are in desperate need of huggs and kisses. My dream is to see them this summer. Remember the immortal words of Dorothy,"there is no place like home..."

Can't give it a rest because I need to keep thinking on it to make it a reality!

Guess who