Wednesday, April 2, 2008

WoW Week 5

...but sort of week 1, again.

So, here is the deal—Tug has decided to get in on the action so he and I are now in weight loss competition but the full details have not been worked out. Last week he informed me of his plan so I spent all last week trying to gain back some weight...I didn't want to give him the unfair advantage of starting from scratch whereas I had already lost some (what if he decides the winner is the first to lose x amount instead of highest percentage by a certain date). So this week I have been eating like crazy, eating very crappy and been in a Dr. Pepper induced coma (did I even have any water???). Next week I will check back in where I promise there to be a negative! If he lets me, I will also keep you informed of his weight loss.

This week: mulligan

Week goals:
1. Fast today (Fast Track Detox)
2. FF Phase 1 rest of week 

Auntie Nee:
Michelle: -2
Miguelita: +.5
Amy: +3
Jessica: -.5
Kimberly: -1
Laura: -1

Remember, anyone can join at anytime!

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Jessica said...

Half a pound for me! Slow going for sure, but at least I have yet to report a gain!!!!! :)

Jessica said...

I just realized you didn't tell us how much you gained back this week!! Come on!!! :)

The Wades said...

Well, I gained .5 lbs since last week. Aunt Flo did come for a visit yesterday--that's my excuse and I'm sticking to it! :) Maybe this will the be the week I actually try. I am not the biggest loser. Love

Eileen said...

I found you at Jessica's site--I'm in! Looking forward to the accountability and support. Now that the weather's (finally) getting nicer, I have no excuse not to get out and walk with the kids every day--that always make such a difference!

Thanks for doing this!

Amy Caroline said...

Oh you cheated! You didn't say!!! :P
I told how much I gained, in my Oreo induced heaven!!!

Auntie Nee said...

OK well I guess I am back on track. I know that Regina blamed me for the weight gain but now you all know the truth. See I TOLD you it wasn't my fault!!!!!

Jamie said...

I'm the same.

You should just start where you are, don't gain it back!! You worked too hard!!! Men always lose faster, it will give you that advantage. It is not as hard for them either. My hubby can have something just sitting there and it won't bother him, me? Anything chocolate would be gone!

Kimberly said...

Hi! Lost 1 lb. and .5 inch off the waist. Not bad, considering I've eaten dessert three times this week and skipped cardio twice!

Laura The Crazy Mama said...

kin I git a button?

Michelle said...

I'm down 2 lbs from last week, which was up two pounds from the week before, so basically, I'm right where I was 2 weeks ago. Which is better than nothing I guess.

Last week I was really good and got on the treadmill FOUR days IN A ROW! Then I got sick. Hopefully I'll be back at that soon.

Shelly said...

laura should NOT be allowed to compete - unfair advantage! She just had a baby, she's probably nursing like the dickins, and she's skinny as a rail anyway [oh, i've seen the photos!]

I'm glad to be back y'all!!

btw, Regina, thanks for the strikeout tip. when i post next [???] i'll have to go back and read that step by step.