Monday, March 9, 2009


On Thursday, March 5th, the Judiciary Committee of the Connecticut State Legislature launched a major attack upon the Roman Catholic Church. The Judiciary Committee introduced bill #1098/2009 that, should it pass, would deprive the bishop and pastors of any administrative, financial and legal power over their parishes. Please note that if this legislation passes, "it will break the back of the Catholic Church" (Steve Kellmeyer, Bridegroom Press, March 7, 2009). 

Bridgeport Archdiocese website
more info (video)
link to Connecticut bill 

I received the above info via email. Now, I won't pretend to know much about what is going on but I do wonder why ONLY the Catholic Church is addressed here and WHO THE HELL DO THEY THINK THEY ARE to tell us, the Catholic Church, how to organize ourselves. . . what ever happened to separation of Church and state?!?
The email I received asked us to email (Christopher Donovan) and Martin Looney . . . 
Dear Connecticut House Leader Christopher Donovan:

Please work with Senate Leader Martin Looney to immediately initiate proceedings to expel Rep. Michael Lawlor and Senator Andrew McDonald for their extreme prejudice against the Catholic Church.

Their shameful introduction of Bill #1098 is so prejudicial and malicious that it makes them unfit to serve the public good.

Please see to their immediate expulsion.


Just copy/paste into your own email, be sure to sign it with your address, phone, and email. 

It is of the utmost importance that this legislation be slapped down immediately before this poison reaches the rest of the states in the Union. It is greatly feared that if Connecticut passes this through, the entire nation will succumb in short order.

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elm said...

So, what's up with the guy who would propose such a bill? Is there something going on that would show fiscal irresponsibility? Is he anti-any-church? I am sitting here shaking my head because I am so dumbfounded by the legislators in our country.

Shelly said...

i'm not really *laughing* w/you though!


Sarah (JOT) said...

I have read at American Papist that this move is unconstitutional on two levels. An axe to grind is an axe to grind. I can't believe that it would ever pass - but in these times with dumdum for Prez. I think folks with personal agendas are getting lucky - or at least pressing their luck. God help us!

Auntie Nee said...

I heard about this on the Today show and what a bunch of crap!!! They said it was started by parishoners because a reverend stole a million dollars and used it to by a house in florida to live with his boyfriend and some other stuff. The crazy thing is that they said that the guy wasn't part of the catholic church. I DONT GET THIS!!!!! HELLO McFLY!!!!

Aubrey said...

Wow--I'm going to have to go read about this. :(

Aubrey said...

I liked what the Bishop said about allowing a state, who can't balance its budget, attempt to reorganize a Church who not only balances its budget but pays for its school and expenses...and here, I'll add my own two cents...with money given VOLUNTARILY!

If this passes, I'll be shocked and upset!