Wednesday, March 4, 2009


I started off the week horribly but ended strong-ish. The kids had been sick so we didn't make it to the Y for their classes and I wasn't motivated enough to go on my own, but it is back to business now. 

Anyone can join at any time . . . just check in on Wednesdays and leave a comment with your ± pound(s).

Regina: -.5 but that is of the gain so net 0
Renee: -0
Amy: -4 awesome!
Jessica: -1.5 good job!
Erica: -3.8 super!
Michelle (rs)
Christine: -1, good job!
Michelle (wa)
Kerri: off the computer for lent
Shelly: no scale
Michelle (ggyr)
Mimi: 0
Lena: -6.4 holy moly, awesome

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Amy said...

Hey! I have barely exercised but cut sugar for Lent and lost 4 lbs!
I need to exercise, but it seems like I have been on the run all week... so maybe that is exercise, lol.

elm said...

still on a restricted carb "thing" and walked some this week. Wish I would have walked more. guilty feeling inserted here.

I lost this week which is good, so long as I quit losing the exercise!


Jessica said...

I am down another 1 1/2 pounds. I only exercised twice but I am still eating between 1200-1400 calories a day with high protein, low fat and low sugar.

Lena said...

I just joined. I've decided to implement 1 new habit at a time. My food is currently restricted to my commitment to fast. It's been 6yr since I could follow the laws of fasting. I was either preg. or nursing.

This week I lost 6.4 lbs. I'll have to check my inches later. Exercise will be implemented this week.

Christine said...

Congratulations Regina and everyone else!

-1 for me

Lent is treating me well and so is staying away from the computer.

Sarah (JOT) said...

Umm, my penance should help me melt down a bit - nothing but water after 7pm each night until Easter Sunday. I can stuff myself silly until 7pm, soothes my gluttonous side; that defeats the purpose altogether says my scrupulous side. I can't win! I can TRY, though. But, in just a few short days I can say I'm honestly starting to actually feel hunger pangs, whereas I never gave myself the chance before.

When I lose a pound, I'll say something. Until then, I just want to get walking.

Shelly said...

gosh- another wednesday?!
no scale.... still

Mimi said...

I didn't change this week (which since it was Cheesefare I was thankful for). Now I need to get back on track and work on exercising.

Thank you, as always!

Auntie Nee said...

No loss to report this week. I haven't been working out. I am a slacker!!!!

The Wades said...

I'm with Shelly. My pants tell me bad news.

Tracy said...

Way to go, everyone!!!

Michelle said...

Late, I know, but on Wednesday, I was down 7. Mostly water, I'm sure.