Wednesday, March 25, 2009


Yeah, why do I even bother with this thing. I guess I like to check in on Wednesdays and say "nope, this wasn't the week, better luck next week."

And why do I have so much resolve at night when in bed, but none the next morning when I wake up? I am not even going to weigh myself today~no point. I am planning on getting going this week and have started the day most excellently (of course I haven't been awake that long). 
Alright, back on track, back on track, back on track.

Regina: 0
Paula: -4
Renee: 0
Amy: -1.5
Jessica: 0
Erica: -1.6
Laura: 0
Michelle (rs): +1
Christine: 0
Juli: -1.6
Lena: -2.6
Sarah: -1

remember, anyone can re/join at any time

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elm said...

After gaining a bit on our trip to Cancun (no, I didn't weigh in last week to have to mess with all that) I have lost a bit more than I am posting now, but those extra ones didn't quite count since they were the gainers on holiday. But, the fancy pants restaurants were worth the small scale increases!!! :)

This week mark me down for -1.6 - making my overall loss so far 15.6 pounds!! Keep up the good work, all!!

Christine said...

No loss, no gain!

JOYfilled Family said...

I'm plugging along! This is my 4th week and I've lost 2.6 lbs. My exercise plan has slowed but I hope to pick it up this week.

My total weight loss is at 9.6 lbs. Not bad for 4 weeks but I still have a loooooooong way to go.

Pax -

Juli said...

I'm also down 1.6. I wish I could say I had a total loss of 15.6, but I'm not even close to that!

Paula in MN said...

Down 4!!

Sarah (JOT) said...

I'm down one more pound. Hurrah.

Laura The Crazy Mama said...

I am still floating around in that spot between "How come I gained 3 pounds?" and "why do my pants fit better even though I've gained weight?"

I could blame it on muscle? Faulty scale? Tonight, I feel bloated though. Even after an 8 mile run today, I feel like a schlub. Ah well, if you can start over, so can I! By next week, I RESOLVE to lose at least four pounds. I'm going to have to go now and unplug the bread machine. Maybe I'll hide it away forever and ever. Also, I must empty the cereal cupboard.

Michelle said...

up one. at least the plague has left. perhaps I'll actually get on the treadmill today.

Auntie Nee said...

I am still a slacker, no loss this week. I will do better I am going for 4 lbs.

Amy said...

Sorry i didn't post yesterday! I am just a painting maniac. Anyway, I lost 1.5, which is a loss but should have been more. All the painting and no time to buy food leads to lots of trips to fast food places. Ugh. But I am glad it wasn't a gain!

Jessica said...

I thought I left a comment, but it looks like I didn't!!! Oops!!! I was the same as last week after nearly starving myself on Mon & Tues! =)