Wednesday, February 25, 2009


I started drinking Dr Pepper again; however, there is a very logical reason . . . I needed something to give up for lent and tradition says it has to be Dr Pepper. So, no more Dr Pepper ;)

This week was not a good one. I exercised Wed/Thur/Fri but the kids got sick starting Monday so I didn't exercise Mon or Tues~I usually exercise at the Y when the kids have classes but they didn't go to classes since they were sick and I am not motivated enough to do it on my own (I guess I really should give Wii Fit a try, I still haven't used it). 
Aside from Dr Pepper, I think I will give up food for lent. 

This week: +3 (honestly I expected it to be worse)

Paula: -8
Renee: -2, good job
Amy: + 0.6
Jessica: -2
Erica: -1.2
Laura: +3 
Michelle (rs): -1
Angela: 0
Christine: -1
Michelle (wa):
Juli: 0
Keri: off the computer for lent
Shelly: typically broken scale
Cecilia: + 0.5
Michelle (ggyr):
Lori: off for lent

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Laura The Crazy Mama said...

+3 but I'm not sure why. I've been good about diet and running nearly every day. Maybe I just didn't want it hard enough? OR, it could be that I had some birthday cake yesterday? I know I didn't eat three pounds worth...I'm pretty sure it's because I'm bloated right now. I feel like my stomach has lead in it. I think I'll re-weigh on Saturday after drinking more fluids and fasting today and Friday.

Auntie Nee said...

I lost 2lbs. Not much.

By the way the wii fit is fun.

elm said...

Last week, while in Vegas I didn't give you my stats... and I wasn't near "my" scale. SO, I am sure there was a spike in weight there as I had some non-diet friendly items... But, I have tried really hard this week... so from my weight 2 weeks ago I am down 1.2 pounds - so, I did better than that over the week, but I will just say 1.2 from where I last weighed in here!!

So much said and I only needed to say down 1.2 lbs!

AND, some people are posting measurement/inches lost or gained... what are they measuring and how are they getting their measurements?!?! I am still filling out my jeans just as much as when I started... although some of my bras are feeling a little less supportive and THAT was not where I was looking to lose the weight. I was hoping for the thighs, hips, bum and belly pooch to be the ones to take a hike. So, in all that measurement stuff... please explain someone what in the heck you are measuring to come up with an inch lost or whatever!!! :)

Paula in MN said...

Down 8. butyouknowwhy

Juli said...

I don't like posting when I haven't lost. :( So I haven't lost. Big 0!

Amy said...

+ 0.6
Oh well, the fat Tuesday celebration yesterday complete with fried chicken and Portuguese donuts was so worth it. I will make up for it during Lent... I hope!!!

Shelly said...

ummmm... broken scale.


Jessica said...

I am down 2 pounds this week, even after our Mardi Gras Celebration! Overall I am down 7 pounds since we started this time.

Christine said...

-1 finally!

Cecilia said...

aww..+.5 , what a cycle! God bless.

Busy With Blessings said...

Ok ladies. I've completely bombed out once again :(

I've lost and gained the same ten pounds too many times to count :)

So.... here's a new strategy. I'm not weighing until after Lent. I am commited to keeping a food journal and counting points (WW) I've done really well with Weight Watchers in the past. Hopefully I'll have some good news come Easter! Keep up the good work everybody :) God Bless, Lori

Michelle said...

I was -1 from where I was back at the beginning. Oh, happy lent.

Angela said...

Oh Regina - no worries; it's all just for fun right??? That's what I've been telling myself.

No change to report for me. But my weigh in at Curves awhile back showed 2.25 inches lost!


Lena said...

I would love to join you ladies. What is needed?

The Wades said...

gaining steadily, i'm sure! still haven't bought battery.