Sunday, February 1, 2009

The Super Bowl

of connect four.

A few friends came over to watch the game today including our lovely landlord who brought this with him 
a cute file folder informing us of the connect four tournament about to go down. Basically he and the kids had a double elimination tournament during half time of the game. 
The other men folk were too busy watching commercials to be bothered by silly games.
The final match pitted Col. L against our {l}...she was a ball of nerves. I love the bottom picture with her friend having both fingers crossed. Unfortunately the Col. ended up winning~oh no, he doesn't take it easy on the kids, he even beat {j} in one match. 
The kids, of course, had a great time. And remember all you Steelers fans to thank the Buckeyes for teaching their receivers to make amazing catches!

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Paula in MN said...

I would love to have a neighbor like the Col! Looks like the kids had a blast.

The Wades said...

So, so fun! I love your landlord!

Max just said, "I knew that was going to rear it's ugly head." (talking about that awesome reception!)

Great game, huh?

elm said...

Enjoyed brats for lunch today in honor of football and some Steak Bites, courtesy of Pioneer Woman. They were delicious.

Wish we had some cool neighbor/builder/landlord who wanted to come play board games with my kids!!

Sara said...

What's the deal with the 3d glasses? I guess I'm way out of touch!

Keri said...

what was your favorite commercial?

buckeyes, schumuckeyes!

Shelly said...

yeah - im wondering about those 3d glasses as well.

it was a great game. one of the better ones. funny how steelers really sqeaked by with most TD's. how 'bout that 100yd interception? hello.

Laura The Crazy Mama said...

I even watched the last quarter. That was an exciting game! The commercials were trash. Good thing the uncles were busy beating up the kids to distract them. We had a great time but it would be so fun to have a connect four tourney!

Nikki said...

I just left a comment on another post. I don't know how I missed the last paragraph of this post. Nor do I know how I haven't seen your blog.

Here another mom of four all the same age as my girls, Catholic, and Buckeye fans. Even my 2 year old can sing the fight song. While I am by no means a Steelers fan, it was nice that a Buckeye was the MVP.

Laura The Crazy Mama said...

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