Tuesday, February 3, 2009


Ugh, you'd think I lost 30 pounds since I've been freezing my arse off since Monday night with the heater broken but that isn't the case. The week started great, then came Sunday and it has been all downhill from there. I even had some Dr Pepper yesterday (Tug brought it home, I didn't ask for it but I couldn't let it go to waste~should I also confess he brought it home with McDonald's which I did tell him to pick up?). I also haven't exercised since Thursday night. Today is a new day though. I am about to go on a walk and will do zumba tonight and am starting off the morning on track with SB. 

Apparently I like being fat. 

Regina: +1.5
Renee: -2, good job
Amy:-1, still losing!!
Jessica: —0, better than me 
Erica: -1, woo hoo
Laura: ±0, good job with your running
Michelle (rs): -3, excellente
Angela:±0, good job with your exercise
Christine: ±0, way to be consistent ;)
Michelle (wa):
Juli: -1, great job
Keri:+.8, good job working-out
Cecilia: -1.5, great job
Michelle (ggyr):
Lori: -2, awesome

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Keri said...

I hope you warm up, my dear!
I am up again. 4/5 of a pound since the beginning. Might as well call it a whole darn pound!
I did walk my most steps since getting the pedometer. Yesterday I got almost 8900.

Please hurry and tell us if you are warm and okay.

Laura The Crazy Mama said...

Aw man. That sucks big time. Hope you get everything fixed soon.

I slipped up a little over the weekend but stayed mostly on track for the week as a whole.

If you count last Wed. and not any running I'll do today, then I ran only 14 miles. I'm supposed to be running around 25 per week so that's not great. I have started to add some different strength and stretching so maybe that will help.

Nothing lost, nothing gained but my clothes fit better.

Heather said...

Hey, a great way to warm up??? Oh right, you don't want to hear it- do you? If it helps you feel better, our heat isn't on (working but not on). We're too cheap, I mean we're being conservative with our bills. :) Hope your day gets brighter!

Michelle said...

Down 3, but since week 0, down a total of 5. My goal was to be down 10 at this point, so I'm off.

Goal: by week 8, down 10 (from here - 15 total). Run 3 days a week (I'm hit and miss). Some strength training 5 days a week.

Auntie Nee said...

OK I have lost 2lbs. Not much but a little at a time is good.

Also was there an earthquake in seattle area????

Christine said...

±0 I have to find time to exercise.

Angela said...

Hi Regina, no change for me.

I hope you get warm soon!

Jessica said...

Sorry for taking so long to comment -- as I mentioned on the phone, I am ±0, but down 1 1/2" at least. Hopefully I will do better this coming week...

Hope your heater is working again!

Amy said...

I only lost 1 stinkin pound. I fell behind on exercise, sigh. And then guess what I have for dinner last night? Yup, McDonalds. Ugh.
I guess I like being fat too.

Juli said...

Busy day yesterday, I forgot to post, but I see I wasn't the only one. I think I only lost a pound. Unless you count the up, down, up, down of my weight and add all of that up! Goal for this week, stop cheating and move.

Mimi said...

Yeah, I've been failing on working out too!

It was so lovely to meet you! I hope we can do it again!