Wednesday, February 11, 2009


Great week. . .I have stayed on track with the diet and have been decent with my exercise. I didn't get 6 days in but because I often double up on days (work-out twice) I did meet my 180 minute goal (30 min/6 days). I have weighed myself during the week and the scale didn't look so friendly, but we will see once I officially weigh in. 

On a scary note, my mom is coming to visit tonight and will be here until next Tues. Things don't always go so hot diet wise when I have family in town!! Last night she told me she had to go to the bakery first thing in the morning to get the raspberry croissants I love so much (actually I love strawberry ones but they don't have them right now). I started screaming "No, no, no" into the phone but she doesn't care.  Growing up she always told us kids that we needed to lose weight but would then make fried tacos for dinner. . .hmmm are those mixed signals?? See, she thinks if you exercise enough then it doesn't matter what you eat which kinda works for weight maintenance but does NOT work for weight loss. 
Starting the morning with a workout at the Y with Michelle.
Be strong. . . be strong. . .be strong!!!

Regina: -2.5 (also lost the 1.5 I gained last week so
total of -4 but I won't count those 1.5)
Paula: -0
Renee: -0
Amy: -1.5, great job!!
Jessica: +1
Erica: -3, awesome!
Laura: -0 but still running like a crazy mama!
Michelle (rs): ±0
Michelle (wa): -0, yeah for loose pants
Keri: -0
Shelly: another broken scale, uh huh
Michelle (ggyr): broken scale, likely story
Lori: -0

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Sara said...

You might be interested in another great post by Dr. Mike Eades.

He's talking low-carb, but his message applies to anything.

Paula in MN said...

I'm at the same weight today as when I started. I've barely eaten since Friday because we have court today and I'm never hungry before things that make me go blech.

Keri said...

I want fried tacos.....
Can I come visit while your mom is there, too?
I forgot to weigh at work yesterday...and I'm done working for the week...! So you can put me down as the same or skip me until next week. I was awful with exercise and food anyway. AWFUL!

Michelle (WA) said...

I should have measured, too -- scale reads I've lost 0 -- even those pants are sliding down.

elm said...

-3 pounds. When is it supposed to show up in my clothes feeling a little teeny tiny bit looser?

Shelly said...

i totally stepped on the scale this morning and... nothin' - that's b/c we have a digital one which requires those stupid button [lithium] batteries.

but my pants are still the same size. i'm really &%$&^#@ b/c i'm SouthBeaching phase 1 so well.
i need more bang for my buck, so to speak!

Laura The Crazy Mama said...

zero, zero
I am still running but I think I'm not getting enough vitamins because I'm losing steam. I probably would have actually LOST weight this week if it weren't for that dang Paula and her trick of making tons of sugary stuff for the candlemas party on Monday. I still have a headache from all that sugar.

Laura The Crazy Mama said...

I think you should make your mom pay you for every sugary idea she comes up with during her visit.
e.g., for every croissant-10 bucks, etc. So, you might gain weight but you'll have more money when she leaves to spend at the gym.

Amy said...

I am down 1.5 lbs! Good considering I only exercised twice this week. I was worried about it. But I can pull my pants off with out unbuttoning them, lol.

Auntie Nee said...

I haven't lost anything this week. I stink. I was VERY lazy.

Well good look with Mom. Have fun.


The Wades said...

shelly, i feel you! my scale has the exact same issue right now. who has those weird batteries lying around? )(i do have the smaller version, but they do me no good!)

Mimi said...

Good job!

Can I get in on this, I've been wanting to get serious about dropping ten pounds.

Jessica said...

Ah!! I TOTALLY forgot to weigh this morning!! Oops... If I get on now, I will definitely be up a few pounds, since I always am at night... Though I am pretty sure my weight IS up this week. The good news is, on Saturday I swung by Old Navy and picked up a size 8 skirt, and IT FITS!!! (Even if it is still a tad bit tight...) I purchased the same skirt a month ago in a size 12. So, even though my weight hasn't changed much, my measurements sure are!! YAY!!!


Jessica said...

Ok. I weighed this morning... I am up one pound and also up .5" (in the chest). I should be staring my cycle anyday, and I think that pound is water retention. Or it could be the pizza from last weekend? Other than that, I've been pretty good -- just not exercising enough...

Jessica said...

Oh! And say Hi to your Mom!!! How fun to have her visiting (other than the food challenge!).

Keri said...

Shade is have a $5 sale on everything on Monday...... if you can go to Provo, UT!!!!! Darn it!

Shelly said...

talk about a funk....
if it wasn't for WoW


Michelle said...

I was +/- zero on Wednesday. I actually did ok with food and exercise, but it's that retaining-water-time-of-the-month. Lent is coming soon, which always gets me motivated to stop eating.

Heather said...

Way to go, Regina. That's awesome. Have fun with your mom.

Anonymous said...

just a side note... a heard sometone say that we should not say we want to loose weight, becasue the brain will try to find it!!!

Say I release weight. Lord knows, I found all the weight I ever lost and I am sure much of the weight anyone else lost also!!


Busy With Blessings said...

Hi, It's Lori. Sorry I haven't posted this week. We had an unexpected road trip come up. I did weigh and measure Wed. morning. It's all the same. I guess I can't complain. After all I did have a big jucy rib eye steak and too many pieces of chocolate candy to count. I'm trying to get back into the swing of things. It's never easy after a mini vacation. :) Wed. will tell.......