Friday, February 6, 2009

The Fathers

"Let us now devote our attention to the Apostolic Fathers, that is, to the first and second generations in the Church subsequent to the Apostles. And thus, we can see whre the Church's journey begins in history." Pope Benedict XVI

As a Catholic Company reviewer I chose to review The Fathers by Pope Benedict XVI. I have done a lot of apologetics reading but am sorely lacking in early Church Fathers history and I haven't read any of the Pope's books so I thought double score. I must say, I was a bit disappointed in this book. I was hoping more for a 'bring the saint to life' type book but this was a bit more dry. It certainly wasn't a 'sit down and devour' book for me. While there were some good points showing how The Fathers of old are certainly applicable today I felt this was more of a reference book, not one for leisurely reading. Tug, on the other hand, did like the book (he was hoping to write a bit about it but hasn't had the time). Remember though, he has recently taken some classes for a Master's of Theology so the reference aspect does appeal to him. 
I would recommend this book for those who enjoy critical thinking or like having lots of reference books. And, while you may not sit and read it cover to cover, it would be a good book to have to look through on occasion. Since each chapter is devoted to a new saint, it lends itself to occasional reading (a chapter isn't dependent on the one before it). Also, you can up your Catholic stock just by having a book authored by the Pope, right?
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Mimi said...

I'm about one chapter from finishing the Pope's book on The Apostles. I have to admit, I like to read a chapter in the morning, not start to finish in one sitting.

Keri said...

You are so interesting, Mrs. Regina! You make me smile.

Aubrey said...

Thanks for sharing your review!

Sarah (JOT) said...

I couldn't finish the Pope's book Jesus of Nazareth. I got about half in and ditched it. It's too cerebral for me.

The Wades said...

I don't think it would interest me. :)

regan said...

hi regina. i've never commented here either, but i have been reading you here and there.
i notice you like to crochet, as do i. and your children, well, they are just precious....great name you chose for your little one too....i always wished my name was regina. my dearest friend calls me regina because she knows it makes me happy, it is such a queenly name=)
hope to talk to you again.
and thanks for the birthday wishes for my sonny boy. we have been having a blast today, but i am stuffed to the gills-i'd never make it with your WOW group! good night and God bless.

Jessica said...

Great review Regina!! Thanks! =)