Saturday, February 28, 2009

He got the lucky dog

alternate titles: "Hey baby you're going to Vegas" (think that horrible country song) or "Tug, start your engine."

And he's off . . . Tug left this morning to head south to watch this guy 
hopefully beat these guys
in this car
His job does have some perks including getting to go on a business trip to watch a Nascar race since Dupont makes Tyvek and they also sponsor J-Go. He has passes to some hospitality tent and, well, I don't really know what else. I just know he is going to Vegas and I am here at home. He actually isn't overly excited about it (or is he just saying that to make me feel better?), and heard that races kinda suck so he is planning on going early, getting the swag and free beers, then heading back to the hotel to watch it on TV. 
Go J-Go, Go!!

5 people are laughing with me:

Aubrey said...

Have fun, Tug!

Jessica said...

Oh, I bet he is excited!!

Anonymous said...

tell him to go to the ch- chings. Could have met him there and maybe would have won something since I didnt at Sunland Park

The Wades said...

Sorry for you. No fun w/ hubby away. Hope he enjoys himself.

Heather said...

bummer, I forgot that he was going. Although I can't say I'd want to go to see neck car, I mean Nascar, I would want to see my peeps. ;)