Monday, February 16, 2009

Fourth of 4th

Nikki (that awesome Buckeye lover) tagged me for this . . . 4th picture in your 4th file. My early mac files don't have that many pics in them so I uploaded the 4th picture in the first folder I came across that had at least 4 pictures~which ended up being my 6th file.

Hmm, I don't know much about this picture. It was in the girls room in Oregon and I guess we were being nice letting them have the tent up. 
Think I've done this before so I won't tag anyone else.

4 people are laughing with me:

Keri said...

I love the static-hair!! Ours is like that constantly.

Mimi said...

That's very cute!

Aubrey said...

How cute! Our kids love the tent that we have; it's similar. However, they won't go to sleep in it because they're too busy yapping and fooling around. We have a tunnel-tent that matches it but they decided to use that for rolling down the stairs so it's hidden in the garage, too. Kids.

The Wades said...

They look so darn happy! Could almost make me set up a tent for my kiddos soon--almost! Tell them I miss 'em.