Friday, October 17, 2008

You don't have to call me darlin, darlin

a quick funny:
{l}: mom, did you know sam's* middle name is elvis?
me: elvis? really? i am not so sure.
{l}: yes it is, he told me.
me: hmmm
{l}: yeah, he told me his middle name is elvis because that used to be his mom's last name...
me ::quizzical look::
{l}: pressley, pressley. his mom's last name used to be pressley. his middle name is pressley.
*a fellow Catholic homeschooler though sam isnt his actual name

another quick funny

more videos here
ht shelly for the video

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The Wades said...

that's too cute. same thing, more or less! :)

Jessica said...

Very cute!

Jessica said...

We miss you guys!!!!!

Salve, sancta parens! said...

The ghostly image halloween background thing is thoroughly freaking me out!

Aubrey said...

That was funny. Did you watch the one with two Democrats on the escalator at Hobbit?