Thursday, October 9, 2008

Totally true

Hey Laura, here are some conspiracy theories for you

Who Wrote Dreams From My Father? (fyi, that is the Obamunist's* first memoir)

Barack Obama: Member of Socialist Party AND Democratic Party? well, this one is kinda more fact than conspiracy but whatev

*first read this term here, LOVE it since it couldn't be more accurate!!

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Laura The Crazy Mama said...

As the New York Times gushed, Obama was "that rare politician who can write . . . and write movingly and genuinely about himself."


Don't you just feel like giving in sometimes? Just drink the friggin kool-aid and go along to get along? I feel like just laying down and bending over and saying "alrighty, just come on in and tell me how to live, give me what I need and tax me until I owe my soul to the company store..." but then, other times, I feel like stomping up and down like rumplestilskin and steam comes from my ears. I start spouting angry words until it becomes blather and I don't make any sense. I can't wait 'till this election is over and I don't have to hear those stupid phrases anymore:
good ol' boys network
my friends
let me repeat that
I'm gonna say it again
I want to be clear
I know you're suffering
I came from humble beginnings

Oh, and stupid hand/body gestures:
thumb press

over/under hand flap


shrugging shoulders

over and over hand gesture

the "I'm gonna squish your head" forefinger and thumb gesture

okay, I made that last one up.
the end

Auntie Nee said...

My biggest pet peeve is the thumb on the fist (like the letter A in sign language). I really DISLIKE that gesture. It looks like they have no fingers and have to that instead.

lisa said...

if only we lived in seattle...we'd definitely attend the rally - it sounds wonderful!

gotta teach 'em early - WINK WINK (as Sarah would say):)