Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Free Stuff

You like getting free stuff? I do and here are 2 chances for you.

1-head over to Jessica's and read about a cool felt Advent calendar, leave a comment, and get a chance to win $25 of felt products (click here)


2-head over to Barbara's and leave a kind comment for a chance to win a handmade (by her) rosary (click here)


stay here and get a chance to win zip, zero, nada, crap (though i recently realized i missed my blogiversary so maybe i will do some sort of giveaway soon, though not likely) skidaddle!
oh yeah, WOW-I got a new battery and went to weigh in but turns out my scale is broken (hallelujah) so maybe next week?

5 people are laughing with me:

Auntie Nee said...

I really like that there is no weigh in again. I start exercising today. I can now that there is no more Target in my future.

Jessica said...

I think my scale is broken too... It keeps going up each week? What is up with that?

Amy said...

I want to win zip!
I know my scale is wacky crazy... it goes up (as is expected) but way too much!

Betsey said...

Do we need to leave a comment to get nada, zip, crap? Or are we eligible just by visiting? ;)

Laura The Crazy Mama said...

Darn, I was getting all excited to report that I lost another 5 lbs...'course, I DIDN'T, but if all our scales are broken, we can pretend all we want, right? I did start running again and I'm going to blog about that on my running blog. We'll see if it does any good because, remember? Running actually makes me fat.