Thursday, October 30, 2008

Homemade clothes

So, we have all had fun recently on this blog poking fun at me for being told I was a homeschooler, and the trauma it caused to my coolness status.  Two nights ago I ran to Target to get candles for the pumpkins and saw some cute coats. The girls were in need of coats so I bought them. 

{l}'s red;
                          {r}'s black
I have been thinking of making them cowls for Christmas since they are just as warm but easier to wear than scarves. Well, looky looky here.

OOOOH, let's get a closer look at that cowl please...
My own children are going to be fashion icons!! Denim jumpers my arse!

4 people are laughing with me:

Shelly said...

i just saw those coats the other day. they are adorable!
make sure to post some pictures with them wearing them - oh, and of course their new cowls!

The Wades said...

your kids are always dressed so cute! :) i never doubted you.

looks good.

Jessica said...

Super cute Jackets! Your girls are always dressed so cute.

now... you did say that your girls weren't with you when you were asked if you homeschool... Did you get a cute stylish jacket for yourself? ;)

elm said...

ooooo... make LOTS of those "cowls" and send a few south for the winter!! :)