Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Hey Max

While you are over there in cold-erquerque, trying desperately to keep your lil' pumpkins from freezing thinking "Man my hands are cold, but I really need my fingers to lay these tarps!" I will be thinking "I wonder how it feels to have cold hands?! These fingerless mitts are grrrrreat!"

fetching mitts pattern here

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Jessica said...

hmmmm... I wonder what Max will be getting for Christmas?

Auntie Nee said...

WOW those look WARM!!!!!

Regina said...

oh no no no, jessica. max scoffs at my knitting. i offered to make him some fingerless mitts...he practically laughed in my face. he shall never be the recipient of anything hand-knit by moi.

elm said...

So, what exactly does one DO while wearing finger-less mittens in Western Washington? Is it cold there, yet? We had 70 degree weather with brilliant fall color around... no need for mittens of any kind, yet!

The Wades said...

Please tell me Tug is not wearing that.