Thursday, January 28, 2010


We should be in the new place tomorrow. Well, we should get the keys to the new place tomorrow-we won't be in until who knows when. Hopefully next weekend.
Now that they have (finally) been mailed and received I can show you what that odd picture was. These (pattern)
and I sent along this too (pattern)
The booties are too big, the hat too small (which I knew it would be since I made it for newborn and the poor girl is over a month already). Other problem with the hat is the yarn is cotton so it doesn't really stretch. I am making her another one, this time bigger and it will likely be too big, but that is okay.

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The Wades said...

Well, they look good. That should be all that matters.

Sarah said...

Really adorable! =) Now it's my turn to offer you blessings and peace for your move! I saw that you were moving, but I didn't realize how soon. I hope it all goes smoothly.

Keri said...

Those booties are tooooo precious!

Jessica said...

I LOVE them BOTH!!! Thank you so much!!

The booties will fit before long and be so so cute on her and I can make the hat look like it fits! ;)

regan said...

aw! shucks!
that is the WORST part about handmade gifts. i am always so hesitant to make hats for that same reason. my girl has had a "big" head since birth-it must be that smart brain-but it seems like every time i made her something when she was growing up there was an issue of it "fitting". well, it's the thought that counts. but i know firsthand how hard you worked on those things. well, perhaps there will be another "flower" in the garden at the shower of roses clan before too long who can wear them.... ;)
happy moving.
been there. done that too many times. it is such a pain. i guess we have to be thankful we have homes. safe. warm. intact.

The Wades said...

As precious as those booties are, I'd love to see a new post about your new house. What--are you busy or something??

Aubrey said...

You are one talented knitter! :)