Sunday, January 3, 2010

Hands hurt

Goodness gracious, I HAVE BEEN KNITTING. . . and boy are my hands sore. In roughly 2.5 weeks (maybe closer to 3) I have made 3 sets of fingerless mitts (2 of these**, 1 of these), finished this scarf for my mil, made a hat for my nephew and another for {j} and 3 sets of leg warmers for the girls. Of all that stuff, I only have pictures of the hat for {j} and the leg warmers (because all of those are actually in the house). Technically that last statement is false. I currently don't have any pictures of anything, but I do have the potential of taking those pictures. I will save that for another post. For now I am off to bed—back to school tomorrow. {r} will be moving on to 3rd grade, {l} continuing 4th and I have not done an ounce of planning for any of it (good thing I follow a curriculum!)

**with 2 less stitches per thumb since the first time I did this pattern the thumb was way too big.

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Auntie Nee said...

Happy New Year!!!! I am so glad that the Bucks won!! I just got to work and had to hang up a note that one of my co workers gave me. I think it may have to hang in my office for a while!!!! My boss didn't like me giving him O-H-I-O. Oh well.

regan said...

happy new year r.
shame on yo for not posting pictures. but then again your last fingerless glove pictures made me covetous, so it is probably best that you don't.
those fingerless mitts can be addicitng. it seems i no sooner finish a pair and someone else "requests" some...