Tuesday, January 5, 2010


*Thanks for the curriculum thoughts/help (especially you Michelle, you are so thorough!)

*While putting him to bed the other night, after a shower, {j} said "Mom, smell me." "Oooh, you do smell good!" "Yeah, I smell like Dad." "You are right, you do." "Yeah, and Dad smells like. . . Dad."

*That same night while putting him to bed {j} said "Mom, when Dad is done vacuuming, can a grown-up come and say my prayers with me?" "Well, I am a grown-up." "No, I mean Dad. Can Dad come say prayers with me, please?" Guess I know who the preferred parent is.

*All around the house, any time she needs something {s} can be heard yelling 'sisters'. "Sisters, I need to go potty." "Sisters, I want snack." "Sisters, nap time." "I want milk sisters." I think it is a learned action. . . she knows where her bread is buttered. "Sisters, I need my bread buttered."

*If you would be so kind, hop on over and leave some encouraging words then say some prayers for Nikki. She is due on the 29th of THIS MONTH and her husband and daughter left today for China (pretty sure China) for THREE WEEKS (cutting it pretty close) to pick up their (adoptive) son.

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