Monday, January 11, 2010

Lost in translation

Whoopsie daisy, I forgot to go back and add comments to that last post. I didn't get a chance on Friday then spent Saturday at work and Saturday night/Sunday at a gymnastics competition. Waiting so long kinda made the article lose its luster, but here are my problems with this article:

* JLo. Speaking on morality. I certainly wouldn't put her at the north end of my moral compass, but that is just me.

*"In reality, if God didn't want you to have kids then he wouldn't have these opportunities available." Um, hello, does this gal realize how idiotic this statement is? I guess God wants us all to become heroin addicted porn stars. After all, becoming a heroin addicted porn star is an opportunity God has made available to us. Just because something is out there, doesn't mean it is sanctioned by God. All it means is that he has given us the free will to choose whether or not to partake.

*"God helps those who help themselves." Not exactly. Sometimes God's answer to your prayer is to not answer it.

*"I am Catholic. . . We had faith in what we were doing, and IVF was there to help us." More accurately, "I identify myself as Catholic, but I am not a practicing Catholic." The Church does not recognize IVF as a valid, moral means of conceiving a child. Look, either you are Catholic, or you aren't. It really is that simple. Don't lead others astray!

*". . . I believe in life if you want something, you have to make it happen yourself regardless of whether you believe in God." I want it now, I want it right now. How long until we all turn into big blueberries???

*Aside from the above Catholic remark, the thing most annoying to me is the fact that people are no longer entitled to their opinion, unless it is the politically correct one.
The whole thing really is idiotic.

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I agree. Well said

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Aubrey said...

Ooh, I read those comments as well. It's a difficult teaching for many people to understand. After all, the end result is LIFE, right? That's what the Church is all about. But what these guys don't understand is that we're not entitled to children and there are moral and immoral means of bringing them into the world. While each life is a miracle, celebrated, and welcomed, God made life start a certain way and we really need to stick to his plan.