Monday, February 1, 2010

comcast sucks

moving sucks too, but comcast sucks. trying to move things with 4 kids while 7+ months pregnant and an out of town husband REALLY sucks, but comcast sucks too. I called them today to have our internet/phone moved to the new house as of Friday. Tug tried calling and it went straight to voicemail. I tried using the phone and there was no dial tone. I called comcast. Apparently they transferred phone service already (though the internet still worked). After over an hour on the phone the guy couldn't get it to work. He said he would have to do something or other and it would be working again in a few hours. Eventually the phone started working again.

Voicemail is not working. I called comcast again tonight. She said she would have to do something or other and it would be a couple of hours until voicemail started working again. Fine. Then I remembered I couldn't access my comcast email online with my password. She said she would reset it for me. She gave me the new password and asked me to see if it worked. It didn't work. She asked if I would mind if she would try it. She tried and it worked. I tried and it didn't work. I said the email address again and she said the same email address but with a 2 at the end. I said my email address does not have a 2 at the end. Apparently they already transferred that email address to the new home address account but since it would not be activated until Friday I couldn't access the account. They are trying to transfer it back over to our current address now. Who knows how long that will take.

Comcast sucks.

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The Wades said...

Tell us how you feel, how you really, really feel. Yeah, that sounds pretty crappy.

Seven months pregnant is just crazy! How can you be that far along?! It seems like you just found out.

Sorry you have to do all that. Yucko. How's the new house looking?

Keri said...

sorry, chica~

Anonymous said...

I am so sorry you are there alone and have so much on your plate. Honest, I will hop on a plane and come to help you.

Please let me know your new phone and address. I did leave a voice message for you, and I now realize you may not re it. Please take care and not overdue (I am sure that is impossible with all that is going on). I am just worried about all of you.

Love, JuJu

Amy Caroline said...

I think :sucks" is a nice way of putting it. Ugh. I am so sorry you are going through all this. Pregnant woman should not have stress. They should be able to sit in a field full of blooming flowers and just bake baby all day... well, a lady can dream...