Sunday, February 7, 2010

our phone still isn't working. i called comcast this morning and guess what
A TECHNICIAN NEEDS TO COME OUT. you know, one of those guys i sat around and waited for on friday from 8-12 who never came. turns out they need to. mother of pearl. i think i might have to look into qwest high speed internet/phone service.
the good news is my room is clean again
(the basket is clean, waiting to be ironed, clothes)
the bad news is we are going to be moving more stuff from the old schoolroom over which means this room is going to be a disaster again.

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The Wades said...

Have you called with a list of your grievances? Maybe they'll hook you up for all your troubles.

Room looks lovely.

Aubrey said...

Still, it's clean for now!! :)

Sarah said...

I hope it gives you a tiny bit of comfort to know I'm in the same boat ... It took Comcast a week to come here and hook up our Internet and TV. So, not as bad as your experience, but it takes forever. At least it feels like forever. And the little progress I make can easily be undone with more unpacking and figuring out where things go ... Slowly, but surely, though, right?! Hang in there!!!