Friday, February 5, 2010

you have got to be kidding me

on monday i spoke with comcast and they said a technician did not have to come out on friday to install our phone/internet/cable tv.

look at the previous posts to see the problems we have had with phone/internet/tv.

wednesday a technician called to say he would be here friday between 8-12. he didn't know why they said no one needed to come out.

thursday i called comcast to verify that a technician would/needed to come out. they said yes, he would be here between 8-12 friday. she said if it were just internet they wouldn't have to come out but since there is phone service too they needed to come out.

i waited at the new house today until 12:10. i called comcast to ask if someone was still coming out. they said no one needed to come out, just plug the modem in and the internet should work fine. i plugged the crap in and, sure enough, the internet works. the phone should start working in TWENTY-FOUR TO FORTY-EIGHT hours. i asked why they never said there would be a lapse in phone service. he didn't know. i asked why they said someone needed to come out. he didn't know. i asked why i wasted my morning waiting for someone who never planned on showing and why they never called to cancel even though they called to verify and i called them to verify. no answer.

COMCAST SUCKS!! but at least i can get on the internet.

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Keri said...

I hate No-Shows. Eeeeekkkkkk!