Wednesday, July 22, 2009


WOW, I forgot. I spent the morning talking with a visiting friend, deciding how we were going to spend the afternoon. It was great to see Erica and the kids and I was able to replace my old purse with a new one (instead of the red stripe, it is hunter green, rest is the same) that will actually fit things besides my wallet ~ though I don't really carry anything besides my wallet.

back to business
Yesterday, according to my 10K training, I was supposed to do 3 miles. I gave it the old college try and came up short. Now my knee is really really hurting. I think I am going to forgo the 10k training (since Laura isn't going to be able to make it here anyway) and just focus on lower impact things and eating better. I do still want to run but I think I will keep my long runs to a maximum of 2 miles. I don't want to lose all the training I have done so far but I think at my current weight it is just too much on my already bad knee. What I am thinking of doing is Mon/Wed running 1-1.5 miles then on Saturday doing 2 mile runs. Since I should kinda plateau doing the same miles over and over I am going to do an additional workout daily. SO 2 workouts per day, once in the morning once in the evening and one of those workouts needs to be either weights or resistance training. That is the thought right now anyway. We will see what is actually put into practice.
As for food, it still isn't going well. Not well at all actually. But, never, never, never give up. . . at least that is what someone famous once said.

Renee: out of town
Paula: -2
Christine: 0

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Paula said...

It's me. You know, chopped liver?

I'm down 2 more.

Christine said...

I need to follow your lead and start working out regularly. Thankfully, all of our July birthdays have come and gone (no more cake and ice cream until September).

+/- 0

Katy said...

Do you have access to an elliptical? Running on a track or treadmill is too hard on my knees, but I can go several miles on the elliptical machine.

Keri said...

Hi honey, I'm .... home.....

Jessica said...

Oh WOW it does look SOOOO DIFFERENT =) I am online, but I canNOT figure out how to set up email??

Oh and I am not liking this tiny keyboard...

Laura The Crazy Mama said...

NEUTRAL on the weight but I did get in a five mile run with no knee pain...I just stayed on the dirt along side the pavement and found a dirt road. It was GREAT! It felt really good. I either need to keep running on dirt or get new might need new shoes too if you have too much wear on the ones you have now. It could cause worse knee pain.