Wednesday, July 15, 2009


What a loser, and I don't mean in the biggest way. It seems I check in every Wednesday just to say the week sucked and I will now get back on track. How many times can I do that? Here's another week, time to get back on track. I have been exercising but I have not been eating right. I think I have gained weight. ugh.

Amy: 0
Laura: -2
Sarah: -2
Paula: -2
Christine: -2.4

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Sara said...

Big hugs. I know just how you feel---it happens to me week in and week out---I just refuse to blog about it. I've been on a low-carb discussion board for YEARS and my weight is still the same. Just up and down within the same 10 lbs.

Good luck, sweetie! Keep trying!

Anonymous said...

I've had those weeks - you know that. Hang in there! I'm down 2.

Christine said...

Hang in there. I stopped for a while because I gained more weight than I had taken off. Have you had your vitamin D levels checked. Low vitamin D levels can affect a person's ability to lose weight. The doctor checked my vitamin D levels (she was supposed to check iron levels). I am vitamin D deficient.

I watched my portion sizes, tried not to eat my children's leftovers, spent time in the sun between 10 and 2, and exercised for 45 minutes on Monday. The result -2.4 lbs.

Sarah said...

Down two. Scales be derned!

The Wades said...

Vitamin D levels? That's fascinating. And to think I don't drink a drop of milk! One lady told me I should get my thyroid checked. I did have a low one about ten years ago. That's it, Regina--it's our thyroids!

I have actually lost six pounds, but I'm doing South Beach. I'm sure I'll quit in the next couple days and gain six back plus seven more! Vicious cycle, I tell ya!

Auntie Nee said...

I can't complain, I have am down 3 this week. FINALLY, now I just have to keep it up, BUMMER!!!!

Laura The Crazy Mama said...

I think this couch to 5k thing is good for my body. I feel like running more but it's probably good to do walk/run cycles. We've been trying to do the stair climber on the days we don't do the program (which only takes a half an hour). Trina is doing so well. She's not breathing HALF as heavy and is actually doing the runs all the way through. I think, if she stuck with it, she could potentially kick my butt, big time. She lost the 5 that she gained back after starting SB! I officially lost 2 lbs even after factoring in scale issues. I can probably attribute that to the good workouts but also that I'm not eating as much as when I was training for the 26.2! Also, I have a sick stomach most days for the family issue that's going on right now. Not a good way to lose weight.

Amy Caroline said...

Sorry, I have been MIA. Things have been so stressful over here that I have let things slide. I am hoping to get back on the bandwagon soon, but with all the emotional stress I have let the diets go until further notice. I am sure it will be soon.... I hope!