Wednesday, July 1, 2009


This week has been a bit mixed. I started off the week not doing too well with food, but have been doing my food/exercise log since Monday. I did exercise all week, I think. Last week I set a goal of 1.5 hours of cardio per day ~ last week I was crazy. I think part of my running problems before was that I was doing it everyday. The training was for 3 days a week but I would do the runs every day. I am switching to the 10K training so on running days the running is all I will do (which might only be 30 minutes). On the cross training days I will do 1 hour. For upper body I am going to do some light lifting. P90X was way too hard. Hopefully in a couple months I will be able to start doing it.

I don't remember what I weighed last week. When I gain weight, I (conveniently) don't write it down. I do remember what the lowest I have been while doing (this round) of WOW is though. I was fully expecting to have a 0 weigh in but the scale says differently and I think it is wrong. But, I will write down the loss and hope it is right so that next week I don't have a gain.

Regina: - 0.5
Amy: + 2.2
Keri: + 1
Paula: bad week, whatever that means

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Amy Caroline said...

I don't even want to say. This has been a bad bad week. Giving up caffeine has not been easy and led to a lot of eating. Sniffle. I gained 2.2.


Keri said...

My mom has always said that she loses weight in the summer so I just assumed that I would....
Up another 1 lb.
Aubrey's 2 birthday cakes may be to blame....not me, myself and I who ate them!

Paula said...

Bad week, what with crazy campers and all....

Auntie Nee said...

I haven't lost anything. I am blaming it on Mom. Well at least that is my story.