Wednesday, May 27, 2009


I think next week I am going to start over with the week counting. So far no one has made it consistently to the week 20 mark (and you are all dropping like flies). I will go back and see when I started being serious and go from there (making next week week 7).

Like I said yesterday, a weekend of eating chips with chile con queso, brats, ice cream, etc. does not do a weight loss goal good! The scale being its wishy-washy self doesn't help much either. The first time I got on it showed +1.5, the next three times it showed ±0 so I will go with the zero and consider it a victory!!

I think this week I will cut back down to 1hr 15 min cardio (instead of 1hr 45 min) consisting of 30 min treadmill and 45 min recumbent bike.  

Regina: 0
Amy: - 0.2
Laura: 0
Keri: 0
Paula: -1

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Keri said...

I've been bingeing on red chili infused chocolate bars, chips and homemade salsa, and trader joes creme brulee. Bad, bad girl. I'm ready to start again.
try, try again.....


Laura The Crazy Mama said...

I was doing very well on South Beach with Trina but then...I started running again (took last week off). The carbs, they a'call meh, I can'ts heps it). Cereal, again. Nuff said.

Shelly said...

right as i clicked on your blog i instantly thought, " OH NO! IT'S WEDNESDAY! {again?}"


Paula in MN said...

HEY -- where's my name????????

I'm down one. whole. pound. Woo-Hoo!

Auntie Nee said...

OK I will be good and start again. I will let you know.

Michelle said...

Sorry for dropping. Discouraged with all the zero change weighins I had and then life happened. I'm in for the a do-over. I'll post next Wednesday whatever that horrid scale reads. Change or no change.

Sarah said...

I don't know what my weight is any more since my scale won't see the light of day until approx. the end of July - in Hawaii. So . . . I would guess based on how my clothes fit and how I feel that I am holding steady.

Jessica said...

Well, I may not be losing any weight, but I finally got up and went to the track today!! It's a start!

I can't believe how much you are exercising! Wow!

Keri said...

maybe i can leave our game of scrabble and go do some kind of workout.....but maybe not!