Wednesday, May 6, 2009


Soooooo, I am writing this on Tues. night. As I said before, this week wasn't the best in terms of eating. I did get my exercise in though. Well, some exercise in. The girls got her on Thursday so I went to the Y earlier than usual to get my full workout in (1.5 hours cardio). Friday I did 30 minutes on the bike before going to the homeschool conference (and dinner/dessert/drinks at The Cheesecake Factory). Saturday I did not exercise, instead I started feeling a head cold coming on. Unfortunately that didn't stop lunch and dinner/dessert/drinks at The Cheesecake Factory again. Sunday I did 30 minutes on the bike and started to regain control of my eating. Monday and Tuesday were mostly back on track with 1 hr. 15 min. on the bike and mostly controlled eating (if you don't count chips with my Subway sandwich). Unfortunately I haven't gotten my running in since the start of this head cold so I haven't been on a treadmill since Thursday. I am planning to walk on the one I have at home (which is a total beast) and not start running again until I am feeling at least a little better. I am soooo glad Tug bought this exercise bike because the girls have no classes at the Y this week and I know I would not have exercised had it not been sitting in our living room. 

I haven't had any Dr Pepper since Easter. I have been brewing a big pitcher of green tea daily and have been drinking a lot of it iced and COMPLETELY unsweetened. . . it is an acquired taste. Honestly though it isn't so bad anymore. Jessica left some Chai tea mix here that I LOVED drinking while in Oregon. I made myself some tonight and had to throw it out, it was just way too sweet.  

I think I am finally making some progress. I don't think the scale will show me down any, this morning I was up 0.5, but based on my eating this weekend I am not too disappointed. But, I am doing better (not great) on my eating and am really enjoying getting back to exercising. 

Regina: ugh, + 1
Christine: -1 yay
Lena: + 0.4
Sarah: 0

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Paula in MN said...

I'm glad you had fun this weekend. I can't wait for my turn!

It appears that my scale is broken...I think someone tried to run over it...or throw it off the deck...or smash it on the treadmill...

Sarah said...

holding steady. Nothing less, nothing more. Bloody hell!

Christine said...

.5 isn't gaining; it's maintaining. Great job!

-1 for me. I walked 4 miles yesterday and hope to find time to walk a few more this week. However, today, I will begin the morning with an audiology appointment for one of my children (please pray that she has not lost any more hearing) and tomorrow some friends are coming over, so we will see.

Shelly said...

good job regina! You amaze me with all your cardio - if i would just do 1/3 of that i'd be happy :)

back to phase one....

Keri said...

You rock, Regina. Your workouts would put me 6 feet under (then I'd need my hubby's help!!!) hee hee
I'm scheduled at the middle school that I usually weigh in at, from 10ish to 1ish. I'll weigh and let you know. (Not an excuse this time.) But I've only walked/jogged once this week for approx. 30 minutes. Oh, and Sunday after Mass we went on that little hike.

Keri said...

I did transfer all the summer/winter clothes. It is not cardio, but it took me forever and Tom hasn't turned over the swamp cooler so it was 80ish plus upstairs.

JOYfilled Family said...

Way to be committed (to working out). I, unfortunately have not been so faithful. Hopefully, with my new prescription from my Spiritual Director; I'll get moving!
(I'll to share more later.)

For now, I'm +.4

Pax -

Katy said...

Try throwing in a few fruit flavored tea bags in with the green tea, it makes a very refreshing iced tea! I've used this kind and it was good:

The Wades said...

I'm with Christine--that is maintaining and very impressively I might add! How do you work out that long??! Wow! Great work.

You have turned a dedicated corner. I haven't even started walking towards it yet.

Jessica said...

I agree on the Chai being way too sweet now. I've switched to the sugar free version which I now like so much better, though it did take a little getting use to.

Oh, and you forgot about Coldstone! ;) I think you did awesome considering all the delicious restaurants we ate at!

Auntie Nee said...

I am not at home so I didn't weigh myself (housesitting for juju). I am sure that I didn't lose any weight cuz I was in San Antonio Sat-Mon and I didn't work out at all. I am a putz.


Keri said...

Down .5 from original, but have yo-yoed several times in between!

Laura The Crazy Mama said...

I was all set to be able to finally report a loss but when I wen to the scale, the dang thing said "No, sorry, Fatty. You still weigh exactly the same. 450 miles later, you are still chunky and if you keep shovelling food into your mouth like that, you could run 6 marathons in one day and still be floppy and blubby. Nice try, though."
Mean, nasty scale.