Tuesday, May 5, 2009


Some of you were (okay one of you was) sweet enough to ask how the weekend went with my girly girls.  It was a grand time, though we didn't really do much. They got into town on Thursday and while Jessica went to dinner with family, Erica, Marci and I stayed at my house. Friday we went to the conference then to dinner at The Cheesecake Factory. DOUBLE YUM!! I had never been there and was afraid it might be like Marie Callender's, but oh no, it was delish. Saturday the girls went to the conference while I went to {l}'s judo tournament (she lost a match and won a match so took 2nd again). We were at the tournament until around 2 then we went to lunch at The Cheesecake Factory. After, Tug took me back to the conference around 4. . .which meant the conference was basically done for the day. Once it was entirely done, Erica, Jessica, Marci and I went to get dinner at, dum dah dum, The Cheesecake Factory (I only had a Margarita and some dessert this time). YUP, within 2 days I went to The Cheesecake Factory three times. . . I am thinking WOW isn't going to be so fun this week!!

Here is a picture from Friday night.
don't bother clicking, you can't make it bigger ;)
From L-R we have Marci, me, Jessica, Angela, Erica, Kim and Heather. Two more wonderful ladies (Trina and Christie) were with us too but had already left by this time. In my hand is an awesome body scrub sweetie pie Heather gave me for my birthday. I can't speak for everyone, but I had an awesome time!! 

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Keri said...

I DID try to click!!! hee hee!
Glad you had fun for your girly girls weekend!
Did you have cheesecake?

Aubrey said...

I tried to click before I read the caption. You are so sneaky. :P

Looks like you guys had fun! The Cheesecake Factory over and over? My goodness! That's what time with friends is all about--making the most of it by enjoying everything to the fullest!

Angela said...

Hi Regina,
It was fun to meet all of you! I had a good time and look forward to doing it again sometime!

I did try to click the picture!


Shelly said...

but you knew i'd still try to click it! LOL

I went for the first time CCF w/paul last yr. it was wonderful.

elm said...

Cheesecake Factory is DE-LISH! :) I am ready to go AGAIN!

It was great fun to have adult/girl time and no other real commitments to attend to!

ps - thanks a bazillion for making a teeny weeny pic... I had no desire to see it bigger!! :)

Aussie Therese said...

oh how great. I would love to meet other bloggers. All the Australian bloggers I follow are miles away from me. I have meet one from our home town though.

Tween Lit Crit said...

I went to Cheesecake again on Sunday, too. But I didn't see you.
(OK. I was in Seattle.)
I have quite the conference story for you of what happened to my friend coming back from Sat. conference. I'd call you and tell you all about it (it's a doozy), but I still don't have your phone #. Weird.
We're still on for LF at end of month, though. Remember: babysitter provided. (I waited 12 yrs to earn this.)
thanks for a great weekend! ~kim

The Wades said...

That does sound like a super fun weekend! I'm all about food. I went to The Cheesecake Factory while in Chicago and loved it.

Tell me, why can some of my pictures be clicked on and enlarged while others can't? I've never understood. Does it have something to do w/ cropping?

Heather said...

Three times? That's hysterical! Do they know you by name?