Friday, May 8, 2009

Why didn't anyone tell me??

Helloooooooo you Survivor watchers ~ why didn't anyone tell me Eddie George's wife is on the show?? 

Heisman trophy winning Eddie George. 
#27 running back Eddie George.  
#27 former running back who won a Heisman trophy for THE OHIO STATE UNIVERSITY Eddie George. Come on guys. Keep me in the loop. 

You have truly let me down. 

Back to to continue getting caught up. 

5 people are laughing with me:

Angela said...

I would have told you but we're not football fans, so we didn't really know.


Keri said...

How many seasons has Survivor been on now? We watched for the first year or two, but not since.

Aubrey said...

Dear Regina, I'm so sorry that I let you down. Didn't you watch the first couple of shows? Not only is she Eddie George's wife, she's a member of the 90s pop group SWV.

I like Taj, but I'd vote to bring back Rudy.

kim said...

Regina, I would have told you, but Brian, who actually knows this factoid about who this guy is, responded to my question about Survivor with:
"Is that a show?"

Erin said...

I totally meant to tell you, actually. Wanted to check to make sure you knew, but it slipped my mind. Pretty fun, though. Seeing his huge body compared to the emaciated other people is pretty funny. But what the heck is she doing on the show? Clearly she doesn't need the money. Just trying to get famous?