Wednesday, May 13, 2009


Not looking so hot this week, dammit. I have done my cardio daily (except Sunday) and I don't think I have lost anything. I have even upped my cardio to 1 hr 45 min now. On Sunday I didn't work out and we ate lunch at Red Robin and Tug made ribeyes for dinner and, go figure, I was down a pound on Monday morning. This morning I was back up that pound after eating clean yesterday. So I decided, since Tug wasn't home for dinner, to have McDonald's (hey, it worked on Sunday) but I am thinking that wasn't such a good idea. . .besides the fact that I feel like crap now. 

Any of you Biggest Loser watchers? Man Jerry showed me up. 65 year old losing that much weight, geez (though someone should have told his fans that on their sign it is LOSER not LOOSER. . .though his skin is much looser now). And boy was I annoyed that Helen won. I really don't like her. 
Alright, this week FOR THE REALS I am going to eat 'right'; and by right I mean I am going to count my calories everyday, keeping them between 1300-1500, and continue with the cardio.
I think next week I will start to incorporate weights. 

Regina: -0.5 (-1.5 but 1 was the gain from last week) 
Renee: -1
Laura: -3
Sarah: 0
Keri: 0
Paula: 0

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Paula in MN said...

I just realized that the objective of this exercise is to lose weight, not gain it. I've been going about it all wrong. I'm starting

Keri said...

Weights would be good. I've wanted to start weights for years. I gained back that .5 this I've gone no where.
I need a work out partner.

Auntie Nee said...

So I am down 1 this week. Not so hot

Heather said...

Regina, stay OUT of McDonalds, I'm worried about your poor arteries. Have you tried planning all your meals for the week? It helps me a ton when I do.

I missed half the show last night but was shocked that Tara or Mike didn't win. Helen shrunk- she was so tiny! I missed how much Jerry lost.

Laura The Crazy Mama said...

I try to see the bright side, but I think Helen will be a fatty again after about 3 years. I have never watched that show this entire season, but even a half hour (the very end) of watching her and hearing her age about ninety billion times was annoying as hell. That one girl (Tara) was BEAUTIFUL, before, and after! I think that it's a good chance they'll all relapse into fattyville, though. It is hard to maintain that kind of change after coming from so big and going to so small in such a short time. They all did a wonderful job but I would too if I had someone kicking my ass everyday and telling me what to eat and not eat. Also, I bet Helen starved herself right before the finale. She did not look well.
I just can't believe they allow themselves to be shown in biker shorts and bras. Even if I weighed 110 pounds and had huge boobs, I would still put on some damn clothes in front of the WORLD. Also, all that LOOSE skin is very unattractive so Helen's arms were kind of grossing me out (I should know, I have that stuff on my stomach and always will...but I wouldn't ADVERTIZE it, for pete's sake!). Helen? They're called "sleeves" look into them.

Aubrey said...

Well, you can count me in for +8 since I came to Seattle. :(

*sigh* Time to cut the second helpings!

Sarah said...

Same. No change. I guess that's not too bad. But, I've been on the sofa when not trying to pack or clean something. The move stress is causing whatever is going on with my bod at the moment. I have an ultrasound on Tuesday to rule out/find my gallbladder. Whatever. As long as I have this annoying pinching, I won't be doing a helluva lot. I am going to eat less fat, though. A) helps in the calorie dept. and B) it is supposed to do wonders for the gallbladder to lay off that stuff.

Keep positive! WE can all achieve this!

Laura The Crazy Mama said...

Aw heck, I forgot to weigh in! I am going mental.

I lost three pounds. I have no idea how that happened. I seriously examined the scale and jumped on it a little just to be sure. I thought, for SURE that I had stayed the same or maybe even gained a couple of pounds. Maybe I've turned a corner now with all the running? I sure could use some weight loss before the race so I hope it continues. That would be great, but not likely. I haven't changed anything really in my diet...I have had a bad case of...digestive issues lately, that's probably why, now that I think about it. Gross. "I'm just one flu away from my weight loss goal!" Who said that?