Wednesday, April 29, 2009


WTF?! I weighed myself this morning and the scale showed down 1 measly pound. Off I went, sulking because I really worked hard this week. Then I decided, since I hadn't yet eaten breakfast, to weigh myself again. Scale showed down 2.5 pounds. HUH?? Off I went, confused. Tried one more time, still before breakfast, and the scale showed down 2 pounds. Which is it already you stupid scale?!? I knew I never liked that thing. I will take the 1 pound and hope next week is better. 

Thanks to those of you who wished me a happy birthday yesterday. For the rest of you, phft. I didn't even cheat yesterday (no Erica, not a drop of Dr Pepper crossed these lips). Erica, Jessica and Marci are coming to visit tomorrow so we can go to a homeschool conference. I am sure this weekend my eating won't be stellar, but I am still planning on getting my cardio in. Last week I didn't take a day off but I think I will this week ~ just 1!

Regina: -1
Renee: -2
Amy: -0.3
Laura: -0
Lena: -1.2
Sarah: +4, good job increasing your workout
Paula: &^#&^@%&$, um I think +5

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Amy said...

Down a teeny 0.3. Humpf.

Paula in MN said...

I think I gained 5 pounds.

How do you spell &^#&^@%&$????

Sarah (JOT) said...

I am back to 160, dernit! Geesh!!! I think it's because I'm exercising now and my body is like, WHOA Biotch! Ha! So gained a few. I think I'm up 4.

God have mercy on my thunder thighs.

Jessica said...

Um... Thanks for erasing me... I think?!?

See you tomorrow!

Keri said...

I'll weight at work tomorrow.
Have I used that excuse already??
No really, I'll do it tomorrow.
Unless the elementary school that I'm at has another fire drill and I get thrown up on in the parking lot.... at least that is what happened last time I worked at this particular school.
Or maybe school will be canceled due to the swine flu.
Or maybe the scale is broken.
Or maybe I'll get back to you tomorrow.
Have a good time at the conference, school-girl.

Keri said...

I must have been drunk! I don't think I wished you a Happy B-day.
Happy Belated Birthday my sweet, funny blog buddy! Hope it was fantastic.

JOYfilled Family said...

Sorry for not checking in last week. I'm down 1.2 between last week till now.

Pax -

Heather said...

Woa, birthday?! Happy, Happy Belated Birthday!!! What are you now, 25? I hope you had a good day my friend! ;)

Auntie Nee said...

well i am only down 2. That stinks!!!

Laura The Crazy Mama said...

Oh heck, I think my stomach is slightly less jiggly. I count that as a mission accomplished for this week. I just ate smors cereal for breakfast. Have a great weekend with the peeps. Don't go into some kind of eating orgy or anything. Eat some "chick food" lots of yummy fruit and salads.

Laura The Crazy Mama said...
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Lerin said...

A pound is still a pound! Hang in there!